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“One Child, One Teacher, One Book,
and One Pen can change the world”

-Malala Yousafazai


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Elementary Overview

Elementary school offers a learning environment where academic achievement is enmeshed with language + leadership. Students develop a love of learning and work ethic through careful nurturing of developing their own interests.

Students are ingrained to believe that there are no limits to their vision for themselves and their future.

Jump! Immersion School offers a Language + Leadership approach to learning. Children holistically learn language through academic content, interpersonal connections, and culture. They learn leadership through service, public speaking, community care and our proprietary Creative Writing Public Speaking workshops.

Everyday opportunities are available for each student to make responsible choices, join special interest clubs such as the math club, science club and reading club where they build positive relationships with both peers and adults.

We are dedicated to fostering a supportive learning environment that promotes an awareness of diversity and multiculturalism through language + leadership.

We meet these goals with the guidance of dedicated native-speaking teachers and passionate Education Specialists who work together to provide innovative, highly interactive activities with the idea that together, we are stronger than apart.

All these opportunities are what make us proud to be a leading private immersion elementary school.

Differentiated Learning

Differentiated Learning is one of the cornerstones of Jump Preschool. Our Educational Specialists work in tandem with the teachers to ensure that each child reaches their potential at their own pace.

Teachers meet students where they are in their learning journey through instruction that differentiates content, process, and product. We use diverse learning modalities daily, allowing students to benefit from varied and exciting educational experiences. Small group lessons are combined with collaborative learning and whole-class instruction to ensure that students can achieve their personal best.

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