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Music Program
Welcome to our Music Program

At Jump, we are dedicated to fostering a lifelong love of music in our students. Our goal is to instill a deep appreciation for the power and significance of music, ensuring that this passion extends far beyond their time within our school.

Key elements of our Music Program
  1. Musical Enjoyment and Participation: We believe in creating an environment where students not only learn about music but also experience the joy of making music. Through engaging activities and hands-on experiences, we inspire a genuine love for the art.
  2. Developing Musical Literacy: Students delve into the world of music notation, honing their skills in reading and interpreting musical scores. This foundational knowledge equips them with a strong understanding of the language of music.
  3. Critical Listening and Analysis: Our music curriculum emphasizes critical thinking about music. Students learn to listen to and analyze various musical genres and instruments, fostering a discerning ear and a deeper understanding of the nuances within different styles.
  4. Authentic Performing Experiences: We believe that true musical growth occurs when students engage in authentic performing experiences. Our students explore a diverse range of musical styles and contexts, honing their skills through participation in various performances.

Jump students progress through the music program, they not only develop their musical abilities through the use of instruments, song and literacy, but also carry with them a profound appreciation for the transformative power of music. Join us on this musical journey, where the love for music becomes a lifelong companion.

Art Program
Explore, Create, Thrive

At Jump, we recognize that the impulse to create art is inherent in every child. In our Art Program, we celebrate and nurture this natural occurrence by providing an environment that is not only inviting, challenging, and stimulating but also encourages individuality and self-expression.

Key Highlights of our Art Program:
  1. Encouraging the Creative Impulse: We believe that creating art is a fundamental aspect of childhood. Our Art Program that fosters and supports this creative impulse, allowing children to discover and pursue art independently.
  2. Inviting, Challenging and Stimulating Environment: The art studio at our school is designed to be an inviting space that challenges students to explore their artistic potential. With a stimulating environment, we provide the tools and resources for students to express themselves freely and creatively.
  3. Emphasis on Individuality and Expression: Our Art Program prioritizes individuality and the expression of ideas. Students are encouraged to explore various art materials, fostering a sense of freedom and creativity in their artistic endeavors.
  4. Development of Skills: Over time, students become adept at handling a variety of artistic media, creating both two- and three-dimensional forms. Our curriculum is designed to support their artistic growth and development, helping them hone their skills in the world of art.
  5. Explorations of Famous Artists’ Work: Students can explore and mimic the work of famous artists. This not only exposes them to diverse artistic styles but also nurtures an appreciation for both their own creations and the masterpieces of others.

At Jump, we believe that through the exploration of art, students not only develop their artistic abilities but also learn to appreciate the beauty of self-expression and the rich tapestry of artistic diversity. Join us in cultivating a love for art that lasts a lifetime.

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