Meet a Jump Family:
The Elton’s

  • Sep 27, 2022
  • team imagesBy Eva F. Cheung
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Meet the Elton’s

“Lucas speaks Spanish better than I do right now!” laughs Luisa Elton, mom of 7 year old Lucas and 3 year old Clara who currently attend JUMP! Immersion School in Summit, NJ.

Originally from Brazil, Luisa grew up speaking Portuguese, Spanish and English and when it came time for her kids to start school, she knew immersion education was the way to go. Fast forward 4 years later, and Spanish has become a native language for Lucas because he started immersion education at JUMP at such an early age. Now, his little sister, Clara, has joined the JUMP! family and the siblings converse easily in both Spanish and English.

What makes JUMP! different from other immersion schools?

Luisa: Lucas actually did one year at a different school and we switched over just because of all the great things we heard about JUMP and when we did our tour, we fell in love with it. Everyone genuinely knows and loves the kids. Classes are small and kids receive a lot of personal attention. Lucas is a high energy kid, and he flourishes at JUMP!

What are some milestones in your childrens’ immersion education journey that stand out to you?

Luisa: When Lucas turned 5, he was already reading in two languages, and he wasn’t even in kindergarten yet! He is academically way ahead of his age group. And my daughter, Clara, can switch easily between English and Spanish. One time, we were on vacation in Cuba, and Lucas replied to this store owner in Spanish, completely unprompted, and you should have seen her face when the little gringo switched seamlessly from English to Spanish. I could send him off to a Spanish speaking country right now, and he would be completely fine.

Did you have any concerns or hesitations?

Luisa: I’m a nurse so I’m extra paranoid and I was very nervous at first. But drop off and pick up has been so seamless. I feel like the protocols are so straightforward. I feel super safe. I actually feel safer than at the hospital, in all honesty. The screening process has been very thorough. Even though I was very nervous at first, I feel really good about the safety at JUMP!

And finally, what are your hopes and dreams for Lucas’ continuing bilingual education?

Luisa: I wish Lucas could stay here forever. Can we go up to 8th grade? Lucas has learned so much. He loves the school. He loves his teachers. He loves everything about it. JUMP! is like a mini-family. Kids grow with each other through each grade. JUMP!’s immersion education gives kids such a huge advantage to be bi-lingual; they can understand culture, politics, etc from another language, another point of view.

Lucas Speaking Spanish:

Clara Speaking Spanish: