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Creative Curriculum Exploration Projects (C.C.E.P.)
Language + Leadership through Creative Curriculum Exploration Projects (C.C.E.P.)

The Children's Creative Exploration Project (CCEP) is a unique program that encourages children to showcase what they've learned through exciting group projects in the target language.

Through visual aids, public speaking, and song, children are able to demonstrate their understanding and knowledge in a fun and engaging way. Parents are also invited to participate in the program by visiting the classroom, allowing their children to share their accomplishments and progress. The CCEP not only helps children build confidence and public speaking skills, but also promotes the development of language proficiency in a supportive and interactive environment.

Overall, the program is designed to foster a love of learning and encourage children to explore their creativity while developing important skills that will benefit them throughout their academic and personal lives.

C.C.E.P. projects improve:
  • Public Speaking
  • Language and Literacy in target language
  • Teamwork, effort, and organization skills
  • Creativity, curiosity, imagination, and initiative
  • Fine motor skills
  • Spatial intelligence and art appreciation
See a recent project with Boxes from our Summit Location:

At Jump, we offer a range of performance opportunities for our children, providing a platform for them to take pride in the language and culture that they are embracing while also developing important leadership skills. Our performances allow children to explore their creativity and express themselves in a fun and engaging way, all while building a strong sense of community engagement.

Families are invited to join in on the excitement, watching their children perform and express their love for the arts. Our performance opportunities not only help our young learners develop confidence and public speaking skills, but also foster a lifelong love of creativity and self-expression. By providing a supportive and engaging environment, we aim to create a community of confident and capable individuals who are ready to succeed in all aspects of their lives.

Holiday Sing Along

Our Holiday Sing-A-Long event is a festive and playful opportunity for our children and parents to come together as a community and celebrate the joy of the season. Through songs and dance, parachute play, and games, our children learn lifelong skills of how to engage an audience in their target language and in English, while also creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. This event not only provides a platform for children to showcase their language skills, but also fosters important skills such as collaboration, communication, and public speaking. Our Holiday Sing-A-Long event is a testament to the community spirit and festive atmosphere that we strive to cultivate at Jump, and we are proud to provide a fun and engaging event that families will remember for years to come.

Spring Concert

Our Spring Concert is the culmination of a year's worth of hard work and dedication, providing an opportunity for students to showcase their language skills with confidence and fluency. Through beautiful backgrounds created with their own hands, creative costumes and engaging performances, our students proudly sing, dance, and perform script and rhymes in their target language. The Spring Concert is designed to foster a love of performance without the fear of the stage, providing a supportive environment where children can build confidence, public speaking skills, and a love for the arts. For parents, the goal of the Spring Concert is to sit back and enjoy the show, watching their children shine on stage and celebrate all that they've accomplished throughout the year. At Jump, we're proud to offer an engaging and supportive environment that nurtures a love of learning, creativity, and self-expression, and our Spring Concert is just one example of the amazing experiences we offer our students and families.

Physical Education
Physical Education

At Jump, we understand the importance of providing a balanced day for our students, which includes both outdoor free play recess and structured indoor activities. Our indoor activities are designed to promote each student's ability to listen and follow directions while focusing on gross motor skill and coordination tasks. Through music and movement, circuits, and rhythmic games, students engage in teacher and child-directed play and activities, where they may play and interact with one another in a safe and collaborative environment.

This balance of structured and unstructured activities not only provides a fun and engaging environment for our students, but also helps them develop important skills such as focus, coordination, and teamwork. At Jump, we're committed to providing a supportive and nurturing environment where students can learn, grow, and thrive in all aspects of their lives.

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