Leadership for Dual Language Learners
at Jump Immersion School


Why Language?

Achieving bilingualism from an early age has a variety of benefits that have been proven time and time again through years of research. On top of the proven cognitive benefits, children who are exposed to a second language in preschool have the ability to speak naturally, usually with very little to no accent, and develop a genuine connection to that culture. This unique opportunity to become multicultural and multilingual is one that will serve them well throughout life.

Speaking more than one language opens doors in achieving higher academic success in school, but also in their career and friendship circles. Children with second and third language ability are more comfortable in diverse social settings and therefore, as they grow older and enter the business world, can lead with empathy, inclusion and understanding beyond that of their monolingual peers.


Why Leadership?

Raising children without limits takes a community. Children thrive when they learn the skill of “stick-to-it-ivness”, which is the belief that they can do anything if they don’t give up and if they work hard to achieve their goal.

At Jump, we also believe that real-life skills ⁠— from budgeting to negotiation ⁠— should be taught at an early age within an academic environment. These are the skills that will help them apply their strong academic background to success outside of school.

We know that leadership skills are developed over time through understanding, experimenting, learning through failure and celebrating success. These character-building projects and exercises are integral to our curriculum, and can be found across both preschool and elementary school.

Jump teaches these important skills through:

Historical Visionaries

Discussing how their lives impacted us all

Public Speaking

in class and in symposiums


Math, Science, Investment clubs, and others developed by the students

Morning Meeting Workshops

Children leading the classroom dynamic

Multiculturalism and Bilingualism

Appreciating differences, making cross-cultural connection

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