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Learning Moments

Our students have a way of amazing us! The first grade class was learning about sentence and story structure, and the students took the concept to another level. They asked their teacher if they could do a puppet show. But not just acting out a story that they read but to do an entire production: writing the story, designing the stage, and creating the puppets without assistance from any teachers.

Their wonderful puppet show is about penguins going to visit their cousin and along the way they encounter a polar bear. The penguins are so scared that one has a little "accident" that causes the polar bear to leave them alone! We are so proud of the First Graders playwriting, designing and directing premier!

Lesson learned: We must be flexible and let students challenge themselves and be there to provide support and direction. The students learned more than anticipated by doing a puppet show! Click below to enjoy their premier play titled: ¡Los pingüinitos pingüinosos!

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Learning Moment from:
Dana Matthews, Marketing Director