Jump Immersion School is ensuring children are linguistically, culturally and academically prepared to succeed in our global environment. Because together we are much stronger than apart.
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Learning Moments

After an Open House, some colleagues and I were discussing the advantages our students have because we tailor each child’s program based on their learning style. During the conversation, Jackie and I admitted that math was our worst subject growing up. Then we started talking about our learning styles and discovered Jackie’s was ‘tactile’, Shelly’s was ‘visual’, others were ‘auditory’ and mine was ‘visual’. Rita mentioned that when we were growing up, math was taught using more memorization techniques versus hands on. So we concluded that the reason we didn’t do well in math was due to our learning styles! OK, that might not be the only reason but it made us feel better! Check out this link to determine your preferred learning style. Let us know; we're curious to see the most common!

Jump! Immersion School Open House

Learning Moment from:
Dana Matthews, Marketing Director