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  • Our son is thriving at Jump! He's 4 year old and loves his school and his teachers. We love how much he is learning! We recently moved to West Orange, NJ from Berkeley, CA and are extremely happy (and lucky) to have found this place!

    Agustin Armendariz
  • When our daughter turned 4 we thought it was time to start looking for a part-time pre-k school for her. To be honest when I first called Jump!, we already had a list of reputable preschools in our town but most of them offered full-time sessions. The option of a part-time school and the fact that my daughter was responding to me in English when I was speaking to her in Spanish, led me to visit Jump! and meet Jackie Sanin, the founder. Best decision we've ever made!

    We found in Jump! a great environment for my daughter to have education. Her pre-k teacher was very sweet, dedicated and professional. A month later my daughter was fully immersed into Spanish dialogues and quickly made a lot of friends. In a short term, her connection with the school was so close that in January we switched her to a full-time session! My daughter is now in her second year and her Kindergarten teacher is excellent. At this point my daughter is reading and writing in Spanish & English. At Jump! she is also learning basic and intermediate math skills; both English and Spanish. When she finishes classes she will be quite ready for elementary school.

    Aleksey M
  • I am so incredibly happy with Jump! The staff is so knowlegdeable and friendly. The administration is organized and so helpful. Best of all, my son is so happy and he's speaking more and more Spanish everyday! He's learning and having fun at the same time. I couldn't ask for anything more.

    Alicia Armendariz
  • Jump! has been such a wonderful find for our family! We moved back to the US with our young daughter after having lived in Spain for many years and we didn't want her to lose her Spanish. Jump! welcomed my daughter with open arms, all the teachers and staff have always made her feel special and encouraged her language skills to flourish. She thoroughly enjoys attending Preschool and I couldn't imagine sending her anywhere else. I recommend Jump! to everyone who values the importance of multiculturalism and bilingualism.

  • I cannot say enough great things about Jump! It is a warm, loving place that has strengthened my daughter academically, but also diversified her understanding and knowledge of Latin American culture and the world around her, all while she is having a blast! Since my daughter started Pre-K in September, her Spanish has improved dramatically which was important for us, but even more significant is everything else she has learned and experienced. For example, she comes home singing Spanish songs and talking to me about why she wants to visit Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and the many other countries from where her teachers hail. She has learned how to write her letters and numbers and understands what they mean. She is constantly bringing home piles of projects she has completed at school. She gets a few sheets of homework once a week and is excited to do her homework! And I can barely keep her in the car in the mornings before we stop to park at the school because she is ready to jump out of the car to see her teachers and friends. The teachers are smart,warm, experienced and devoted to the kids. A teacher sends out a weekly email to the parents, which contains a newsletter describing what the children learned during the week and materials to review with the children. The school has been responsive to our requests and has accommodated our schedule. My daughter and my family love this school and we are so happy we found it. It is truly an extraordinary place, and I would recommend it to any parent who is considering putting his or her child here.

    Barbara Llanes
  • My granddaughters are maintaining their Spanish thanks to Jump!'s Saturday Program. The teachers are very warm, full of energy, creative and very caring. They always greet the girls with a smile and hug, asking about their week, activities, etc. The girls receive homework based on their level, and the teachers know best how to motivate them to focus in class. Gracias!

    Briceyda Goenaga
  • Jump! has been a wonderful educational experience for our daughter and us from the start. Coming from a non-Spanish speaking household we were concerned with our daughter's ability to communicate with her educators and peers to ensure her continued educational growth. Through the hard work of her teachers and quality of the classroom instruction, our concerns have been quelled. The Pre-K program offers a perfect balance of education, social interaction and cultural awareness that serves as a solid foundation to prepare young children for their future education. Jump! offers the opportunity for children to appreciate the differences in cultures at a very early stage in their lives to enable them to appreciate and celebrate diversity. Jump! is the best decision we have made for our daughter's future.

  • I love Jump! I enrolled my daughter 2 years ago and I can see how much she has improved. It's so wonderful that she actually corrects me with my "Spanglish"! When she first started she couldn't even count in Spanish and by the end of the fall program she was starting to count and started to lose her American accent. Hands down I recommend the Saturday programs. Also Summer Camp is one of my favorites. It allows her to improve her Spanish and I hope to continue to bring her every summer. Jump! is like my second family and I am so grateful that I found this perfect school for my daughter!!

    Delta Sepulveda
  • Our son will be 5 soon and is currently in the Preschool program. We receive weekly newsletters about what he learned, special projects the class did and what they will be learning next. His weekly lessons include Science, Math, Art, Reading and Theater. The Theater aspect allows for him to role play with his friends and come out of his shell which is great. He has to prepare weekly oral presentations and loves doing them. I HATE public speaking so I appreciate that they recognize its importance and try to give children the skills and confidence they need at an early age in hopes that they continue to grow with the child. He has learned so much academically and personally since he began attending because they get to know your child and figure out what works for him as an individual and how he learns best.

    He still loves school and is eager to go in the morning. We cannot wait until Kindergarten and look forward to him reaching the goal of reading and writing in both languages. Thank you Jump! Immersion, for providing a caring environment where our son can learn and grow.

    Erica Fresia
  • Jump! has been a great experience for our family. The staff is very caring and attentive. The teachers provide a great balance of nurturing and academics which allows our child to thrive. I love how the staff is always there for you and willing to address any concerns a parent has. Everyone is very involved, feels like family. It takes a village to raise a child. We found our village.

    Jessenia M
  • I’m very big on community and I love that about Jump. I love that it’s growing, but there’s still the small, home-grown feel to it. It’s a place where all the parents seem to be on the same page and they’re all open to this alternate form of education and I was really looking for a multicultural place for my kids. This totally fits the bill.

  • I would HIGHLY recommend Jump! to anyone looking for a Spanish language school. Our daughter began attending since September '14 and the transformation that has taken place in a matter of 3 months is incredible. She went from a little girl that screamed and cried each time I left, who didn't participate in the activities and who hardly interacted with the other children to a little girl that I have to drag OUT of the school kicking and screaming, who loves to participate in all of the activities and who is the social butterfly of the class! This transformation is thanks to the faculty and staff at the school.

    I have the opportunity to observe the interaction between the faculty/staff & students on a daily basis and I can say with 100% certainty that they treat the students as if they were their own children. The love and care that they show towards the students is amazing. Also, I could not be more pleased with the curriculum. Each day, our daughter engages in fun and educational activities and she is already beginning to sing and say words in Spanish.

    Jessica Walls
  • The Jump! approach works! My son doesn't even realize he is learing. My husband and I do not speak Spanish, but this has not been a problem. The teachers have very accommodating in helping me learn key words and phrases so I can participate in class and practice at home. It has been a great learning experience for me, too!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing a top-quality and fun-loving language school! It is so much needed!

    Laura Stemmler
  • My wife and I are thrilled to have found Jump!Our 4-year-old daughter currently attends Pre-Kindergarten and has been there now for almost 2 years. I was not sure at first whether she would benefit from the school considering we don't speak Spanish at home but, as a native Spanish speaker, I have been pleasantly surprised with her fluency. We knew we had made the right decision when we first saw her speak with my parents in Spanish (with a hispanic accent). My parents were most impressed with her increased confidence level in speaking the language from the time she joined the school.

    Beyond Spanish, we found Jump! to have a comprehensive curriculum - which is important to us - that includes all of the standard courses/topics at the top private schools we researched. I specially like their focus on public speaking and social interaction. Every week my daughter has to prepare and deliver a presentation on various topics to her class and then host a discussion/Q&A session.

    That said what makes the school standout is the warm/caring environment. Everyone in the school calls my daughter by her first name and go out of their way to make children feel special. My daughter says she "never wants to leave Jump!" We look forward to sending our 2-year-old to Jump! in the fall.

    Luis Suarez-Ojedis
  • As my children increase their Spanish vocabulary they are also developing their fine-motor skills, an appreciation of music, and reinforcement of words through a variety of colorful art and craft projects. Gracias and muy bien to the dedicated and enthusiastic staff at Jump!

  • After looking around for a bilingual preschool for over a year, we finally found Jump! I was hesitant as to how my son would adapt but I could not have found a better school for him. Everyone treats the children like their own: caring, nurturing, loving. The curriculum is amazing! My son has excelled in his development of language/communication, cognitive and social skills. I am beyond pleased with our decision, so much so that when it came time for our youngest to start preschool, we knew exactly where to enroll him.

    Maricelys Rapozo-Jorge
  • This is my son's second year at Jump! and we could not be happier! We have seen his progress, not only on the social and emotional aspects but also on academics and understanding of Spanish. Although my son hears one parent speaking Spanish at home, Jump! is definitely helping him in providing a solid foundation on speaking, thinking, and soon writing, in Spanish. Jump! has proven to me that a good language immersion program really works particularly in small children. And above all, the school has a great group of teachers--experienced and very caring with kids.

    Mariela Gilmore
  • I simply love Jump! Why? Because you get the best of all worlds. We have 3 children and we use Summer Camp, Preschool, and LEAP. All excellent programs! This is an extremely warm and loving school. The teachers are capable and very nurturing to the children. But that's really just the beginning. Their Spanish immersion is second to none. We know because our famiy has visited every program we could find. Their performing arts program is wonderful. But really to top it all off, they are so serious about learning and teaching in general. They use so many great techniques in the classroom and their teachers are extremely serious about the learning. Jackie the founder is very accessible and great to deal with as is the rest of the staff. Highly recommend!

    Moe Levine
  • Jump welcomed my two daughters with open arms, all the teachers and staff have always made them feel special and encouraged them language skills to flourish.

  • It is interesting to see how my son has progressed over the last few weeks. He is now really picking up more words and tries to speak to me and his Spanish-speaking grandparents. As a bilingual mother it makes me proud to see my son learn Spanish. Thank you for offering this class and making a difference in his future. It is certainly an advantage that he will appreciate in 20 years!

  • My younger daughter started at this school not knowing how to speak Mandarin and now she’s speaking fluently as well as reading and writing many Chinese characters. They have a great curriculum and I highly recommend this school.

  • My now 7-year-old daughter has been attending Jump! since it started in Livingston in 2012. She started in the Preschool program and I was so happy with her preschool prep that I enrollment her in the After School program when she started Kindergarten. From the staff & teachers to the academics, the program has been amazing! My 4-year-old will start Preschool at Jump! next year!

    Sandra K
  • My son attends Saturday Immersion and Saturday Culture Club. The program has a very structured curriculum and it reminds me of the way I learned how to read and write growing up in South America. My son is learning how to read in Spanish and his vocabulary has increased tremendously since he started the program in September. The teachers are very caring and always welcome him with a hug. I couldn't be happier with Jump!

    Steffania Merizalde
  • Our family loves the Saturday programs! They help our daughter feel closer to her abuelitos by teaching her to speak Spanish. Thank you Jump! teachers for the excitement and knowledge you bring to every session!

    The Krumins-Beens Family
  • My preschooler has had a wonderful year at Jump in the Mandarin immersion class. She has greatly improved her Mandarin and acquired all the skills to be kindergarten ready. The teachers are all very nurturing and do a great job of tailoring their teaching to the individual child.

  • My daughter has been attending Jump! for 2 years. We drive all the way from Monroe because we love the school so much. The teachers and support staff are always there to assist you and answer questions. I love the fact that all the teachers are native speakers. This really makes a difference in the learning process. My daughter absolutely loves going to school there. I have already recommended the school to at least 2 other families who are currently attending. I only wish it was closer to my home!

    V. Lopez
  • At Jump, my children are confident in speaking both languages, they are happy to be there, and they are growing up with very important core values such as respect, a love for family, and a love for different cultures.

  • I would like to thank everyone at Jump! for my daughter's great progress to learn Spanish. She has been, and still is in the program for the past 3 years. She has learned how to write, speak, and understand Spanish. She has been part of the Saturday program and the Summer Camp... There are different ways that the children are taught through listening, speaking, writing, reading, thematic approach, differentiated learning, singing, dancing, storytelling, public speaking, and games. They also teach the children the unique similarities and differences about the culture of different Spanish speaking countries. The administration also listens to suggestions and is very open-minded in meeting the parents'/children's needs when it comes to learning another language. The teachers are native speakers who speak the language very well, have background in working with children and are educators. Having researched for a long time and placing my daughter in different towns around the Essex and Passaic County area, this is a great program with a very child friendly way of teaching the language and with teachers and administrators that care. Additionally the founder Jackie is an AMAZING person and very open-minded to the parents' suggestions or any issues that might concern the parent. Greatly recommend the program.

    Veronica Christopoulos
  • I have both my kids attending Jump! and they (as well as myself) couldn't be happier. The teachers and staff are nothing short of warm, nurturing and attentive. Aside from the warm environment, my kids have both learned to speak Spanish almost fluently at this point (they have been attending for a year). Their enthusiasm for the teachers and even doing homework has been amazing... Thank you to all the wonderful teachers at Jump.

    Vivian Graham
  • My two daughters have attended Jump! since last summer, and we couldn't be happier with the school. First, they've both become bilingual at an amazing quick pace. Second, they're also learning the things they'd be learning at a monolingual school-science, math, social studies, language arts (in both languages). Third, they're receiving bicultural socialization at the same time, so they're also learning to be at home in Latino as well as Anglo-American environments. And the best thing of all, the teachers and other caregivers sincerely care about the students. My kids are always excited to go to school and they have a great time there. The community that Jump! has built is priceless.

    Yvonne Cardenas
  • My son started attending Jump!'s Summer camp when he was 2.5. I was nervous at first because he had never been cared for by anyone other than family. What I soon realized is that Jump! becomes an extension of your family. They were and still are absolutely amazing. The staff is incredible. They truly do care about your child and do anything in their power to make them feel welcomed, loved, and safe so that they don't even realize that they are in an academic environment.

    Erica Fresia
  • My daughter has been going to the Saturday program for 3 years, plus she also does 2 or 3 weeks of Summer Camp every summer. It is a perfect complement for the Spanish I speak to her at home and she definitely communicates better and understands when my mother and other Spanish speakers talk to her.

    Her writing and reading in Spanish has improved as well, which is important since many heritage speakers in the US can usually communicate but have hard time with written Spanish. The teachers are all excellent with a good combination of being warm and caring and pushing the kids to do their best... Most importantly, my daughter loves going there! I recommend Jump! for anyone interested in exposing children to Spanish or Chinese language and culture!

    Reyther Ortega
  • This was our first year with Jump! and it has been the best experience! Our younger daughter started last fall in the Preschool Prep. By the end of the September, she could already say several phrases in Spanish and was even able to sing a whole song for us. We were amazed!

    Throughout the year we got to know all of the teachers and staff that worked with her. Everyone is so dedicated, so caring, and extremely creative. However, her teacher will always have a special place in our hearts. My daughter absolutely loved her!

    Once school ended in June, we were so thrilled with the progress we saw in her that we decided to enroll both of our daughters in Summer Camp. Our older daughter will be in 2nd grade next year and she is very shy. Summer Camp has really helped her come out of her shell. She loves her teacher and she comes home every day, excited to tell us about her new friends and all of the fun activities they do! Thank you Jump! for being so awesome!

    Rebeca Tapia-Paco
  • My three children currently attend Jump! My eldest has been attending the school for 4 years. My children love the school and it is the only school that I feel has the best balance of nurture and academics. I love the staff because they are attentive, loving, and knowledgeable.

    The classes are kept small with each child getting individual attention as well as the right amount of socialization. My middle child is graduating from Kindergarten this year with the same knowledge as an end-of-the-year 1st grader and with Spanish & English fluency. I would recommend Jump! to my family and friends.

    Wendy Armour
  • My son is thriving at Jump! He is in PK4... and is speaking Spanish very fluidly and is well on his way to mastering Spanish. On a social-emotional level, I notice that he is very self-confident in the school hallways; this is a testament to the nurturing and positive environment at the school. We get the best of both worlds at Jump!--academic rigor and a "family" feel. As for my son, he loves the large yard for recess and has made strong friendships in just a few short months, with boys and girls. Jump!, keep up the great work!

    Tom Sheffield