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To reserve your space, a completed registration form must be received. We will then contact you to finalize your down payment of $200, and set up monthly billing via CC for monthly tuition payments.


Down payment is due upon registration via credit card payment. There will be a $25.00 fee charge for canceled checks. Tuition will be billed monthly via CC.


Tuition Down Payments are non-refundable. Cancellation of classes requires 60 day notice.

Protection of Methods

The methods and program materials used at Jump! Immersion School are confidential and proprietary. You agree that use or disclosure of our program or proprietary methods, outside our premises without Jump! Immersion School’s prior written approval is strictly prohibited. Such unauthorized use or disclosure may cause irreparable damage to Jump! Immersion School.

Zoom Meetings

By enrolling in Jump Online LAUNCH you are agreeing that you will supervise your children's use of certain online tools, including but not limited to Zoom, Loom videos, SafeYoutube and a web browser.

Parent Attendance and Guildelines

Children will be given guidelines for setting up their home environment for success. Parents are recommended to adhere to the guidelines to ensure the best outcome.

Welcome Packet

You will receive a welcome packet for our LAUNCH program via email in advance of the start of classes. In the welcome packet, you will receive a questionnaire, guidelines and itinerary. We look forward to seeing you soon!


There will be a list of materials required for e-learning projects. We will provide the materials lists for parents to collect in their welcome packet.

Deposit Payment

Amount Due:

$200.00 USD

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