Second Grade

Second Grade Snapshot

Entering second grade, your children are growing in their critical thinking and self-expression while learning how they fit into a group socially. The Jump Immersion program supports them on this journey through individualized attention and core content curriculum in all subjects, such as Language Arts (both in the target language as well as English), Math, Science, Social Studies, Creative writing and Public Speaking workshops, Computer science, Art and more.

Centers Available Edison, Summit, Livingston, Scotch Plains
Languages Spanish, Mandarin
Ages For children 7 by Oct 1st
School Year 11 months of school (Sept - July)
Daily Schedule Full Time: Monday-Friday 9-3

Before Care: 7:30am-9:00am
After Care: 3:15pm-6:00pm

Tuition Full Day Preschool:
Starts at $15,150/yr

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What Parents Are Saying

  • I’m very big on community and I love that about Jump. I love that it’s growing, but there’s still the small, home-grown feel to it. It’s a place where all the parents seem to be on the same page and they’re all open to this alternate form of education and I was really looking for a multicultural place for my kids. This totally fits the bill.


Areas of Study:


Students will communicate and exchange information about familiar topics and participate in conversations in full sentences. In presentational writing, students develop the skills to write on a variety of familiar topics using connected sentences.


Our math for second graders will advance your child to handle more complex math challenges. Students will use mental math strategies to add and subtract, understand that addition and subtraction are inverse operations, demonstrate partitioning and transitivity in relations to length, and much more.


Students will use simple maps, compasses during a class walk, create playground topographical maps, read and write about key global figures, recognize inequality and injustice and how to take action, and explore cultural food, songs, customs and dances.


Our second graders are immersed in guided instructions through the top down logic approach by starting off with a general statement, probing, open-ended questions during experiment, encouraging students to ask scientific questions, and walking through scientific method.


Students will learn to follow directions, listen, improvise, and express themselves using different art techniques to develop their own creative voice.


In this year-long workshop, students explore the study of Dinosaurs. This subject appeals to the natural curiosity of young students, as it blends together a mixture of fact and fantasy. They will learn about some better-known dinosaurs, classify dinosaurs using a timeline, craft questions to a dinosaur expert.


Interactive online programs geared to identify code as a language, this year students will learn how to Apply, Describe and Debug!

What Makes Jump Different