First Grade

First Grade Snapshot

Entering first grade, your child is beginning to learn more about how they view the world. The Jump Immersion program supports them on this journey through individualized attention and core content curriculum in all subjects, such as Language Arts (both in the target language as well as English), Math, Science, Social Studies, Creative writing and Public Speaking workshops, Computer science, Art and more.

Centers Available Edison, Summit, Livingston, Scotch Plains
Languages Spanish, Mandarin
Ages For children 6 by Oct 1st
School Year 11 months of school (Sept - July)
Daily Schedule Full Time: Monday-Friday 9-3

Before Care: 7:30am-9:00am
After Care: 3:15pm-6:00pm

Tuition Full Day Preschool:
Starts at $15,150/yr

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What Parents Are Saying

  • At Jump, my children are confident in speaking both languages, they are happy to be there, and they are growing up with very important core values such as respect, a love for family, and a love for different cultures.


Areas of Study:


Through culturally responsive experiences using the target language, students are provided with a variety of tasks related to the curriculum.


Students use concrete and pictorial models when working with numbers such as grouping objects in tens and ones, representing numbers to 100 on a number line and place-value models, using symbolic models for addition and subtraction.


Through a contextualized classroom setting, students are exposed to cultures and connect with the global environment, including important people, events in the United States, and the world as a whole.


Students conduct experiments with magnifying glasses, microscopes, graphing information, documenting hypothesis and results, and keeping scientific journals.


Students will learn to follow directions, listen, improvise, and express themselves using different art techniques to develop their own creative voice.


In this year-long workshop, students explore the concepts of beginning, middle, and ending by writing their own Fairy Tale. This culminates in a public presentation for Jump families!


Interactive online programs geared to identify code as a language, this year students will learn algorithms and logic statements.

What Makes Jump Different