Spanish Saturday Immersion Program

Jump! Immersion School Saturday Program
Our Spanish Saturday programs enable your child to become fluent in Spanish at an early age. The founder, Jackie Sanin, created the programs to enable children to become fluent in Spanish prior to entering Middle/Intermediate School.

Program Info Sheet

Info Sheet - Saturday Immersion, Spanish Info Sheet - Saturday Immersion, Spanish

Why? The academic transition from Elementary to Middle School/Intermediate can be difficult both academically and emotionally. Most children are transitioning to more complex classes such as Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, complex Science, English and Foreign Language requirements.

This transition can cause a child to have some anxiety because they are expected to do more homework in addition to more challenging test. Being able to speak, read and write Spanish prior to entering the class enables the child to have an edge in the Spanish class. They can spend less time doing Spanish lessons and devote more time to the other challenging classes, tests and homework assignments. This also gives the child more confidence in class and builds upon the child’s love for learning!