Spanish Culture Club

Jump! Immersion School Culture Club
The Jump! Immersion School Spanish Culture Club is an eclectic blend of cultural experiences and activities focused on cooking, music, theater, art, traditional games, sports to name a few!

We integrate the Spanish culture into your child’s life and help them embrace the culture.

Some activities include:


Taught by a Spanish instructor. Your children will learn drills, kicking, scoring goals, and the rules of the game. It’s fun for everyone.

Latin Dance

Learn salsa, merengue, cumbia, bomba, and more. It is great exercise and loads of fun.

Latin Art

Children will grace their canvases with unique works of art using different textures, paints and crafts. Create your own masterpieces and build on your artistic knowledge.


Children will partake in small theater programs and act out different characters and scenarios to improve their confidence and encourage the children to speak in Spanish!


Children will develop an appreciation for different cultural cuisines by cooking and experiencing their project results!