Summer Camp - In Person

Offered in Livingston, Scotch Plains and Summit!

Dates: July 6th – August 14th
Days: Monday-Friday 9:00am-3:00pm (no Before or After Care)
Ages: 3 – 11 years old,
Tuition: $335/wk

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Video Overview:

Children are immersed in their chosen target language 100% of the day. Our teachers are very excited to share their cultural knowledge and love of language fluency with your child. Summer offers an exciting opportunity to make new friends, learn new things, run, play and laugh; all while becoming proficient in another language!

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Children learn language best when attached to content based learning. We have incorporated STEAM into our curriculum to engage children in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Some examples include: learning about Space, Machinery, Cooking, Velocity, and the five senses.

Sports & Games

Your child will create long lasting memories with fun team building activities:

  • Soccer
  • Dance
  • Water Play
  • Special events – outdoor relay races, picnic fun, cultural games and exploration.

Weekly Themes

Summer camp themes are an integral part of learning. Children are immersed in the language 100% of the time and learn through engaging in interesting topics and content areas such as:
Week 1–2: Dinosaur Findings
Week 3–4: Cave Explorations
Week 5–6: The Ice Age

What Parents Are Saying:

  • This was our first year with Jump! and it has been the best experience! Our younger daughter started last fall in the Preschool Prep. By the end of the September, she could already say several phrases in Spanish and was even able to sing a whole song for us. We were amazed!

    Throughout the year we got to know all of the teachers and staff that worked with her. Everyone is so dedicated, so caring, and extremely creative. However, her teacher will always have a special place in our hearts. My daughter absolutely loved her!

    Once school ended in June, we were so thrilled with the progress we saw in her that we decided to enroll both of our daughters in Summer Camp. Our older daughter will be in 2nd grade next year and she is very shy. Summer Camp has really helped her come out of her shell. She loves her teacher and she comes home every day, excited to tell us about her new friends and all of the fun activities they do! Thank you Jump! for being so awesome!

    Rebeca Tapia-Paco
  • My daughter has been going to the Saturday program for 3 years, plus she also does 2 or 3 weeks of Summer Camp every summer. It is a perfect complement for the Spanish I speak to her at home and she definitely communicates better and understands when my mother and other Spanish speakers talk to her.

    Her writing and reading in Spanish has improved as well, which is important since many heritage speakers in the US can usually communicate but have hard time with written Spanish. The teachers are all excellent with a good combination of being warm and caring and pushing the kids to do their best... Most importantly, my daughter loves going there! I recommend Jump! for anyone interested in exposing children to Spanish or Chinese language and culture!

    Reyther Ortega
  • My son started attending Jump!'s Summer camp when he was 2.5. I was nervous at first because he had never been cared for by anyone other than family. What I soon realized is that Jump! becomes an extension of your family. They were and still are absolutely amazing. The staff is incredible. They truly do care about your child and do anything in their power to make them feel welcomed, loved, and safe so that they don't even realize that they are in an academic environment.

    Erica Fresia
  • I love Jump! I enrolled my daughter 2 years ago and I can see how much she has improved. It's so wonderful that she actually corrects me with my "Spanglish"! When she first started she couldn't even count in Spanish and by the end of the fall program she was starting to count and started to lose her American accent. Hands down I recommend the Saturday programs. Also Summer Camp is one of my favorites. It allows her to improve her Spanish and I hope to continue to bring her every summer. Jump! is like my second family and I am so grateful that I found this perfect school for my daughter!!

    Delta Sepulveda
  • I simply love Jump! Why? Because you get the best of all worlds. We have 3 children and we use Summer Camp, Preschool, and LEAP. All excellent programs! This is an extremely warm and loving school. The teachers are capable and very nurturing to the children. But that's really just the beginning. Their Spanish immersion is second to none. We know because our famiy has visited every program we could find. Their performing arts program is wonderful. But really to top it all off, they are so serious about learning and teaching in general. They use so many great techniques in the classroom and their teachers are extremely serious about the learning. Jackie the founder is very accessible and great to deal with as is the rest of the staff. Highly recommend!

    Moe Levine
  • I would like to thank everyone at Jump! for my daughter's great progress to learn Spanish. She has been, and still is in the program for the past 3 years. She has learned how to write, speak, and understand Spanish. She has been part of the Saturday program and the Summer Camp... There are different ways that the children are taught through listening, speaking, writing, reading, thematic approach, differentiated learning, singing, dancing, storytelling, public speaking, and games. They also teach the children the unique similarities and differences about the culture of different Spanish speaking countries. The administration also listens to suggestions and is very open-minded in meeting the parents'/children's needs when it comes to learning another language. The teachers are native speakers who speak the language very well, have background in working with children and are educators. Having researched for a long time and placing my daughter in different towns around the Essex and Passaic County area, this is a great program with a very child friendly way of teaching the language and with teachers and administrators that care. Additionally the founder Jackie is an AMAZING person and very open-minded to the parents' suggestions or any issues that might concern the parent. Greatly recommend the program.

    Veronica Christopoulos

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