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Jump! Immersion School Kindergarten
Entering Kindergarten, your child will continue to expand their mastery of reading, writing and problem solving. The Jump Immersion program supports them on this journey through individualized attention and core content curriculum in all subjects, such as Language Arts (both in the target language as well as English), Math, Science, Social Studies, Creative writing and Public Speaking workshops, Computer science, Art and more.
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What Parents Are Saying:

  • My younger daughter started at this school not knowing how to speak Mandarin and now she’s speaking fluently as well as reading and writing many Chinese characters. They have a great curriculum and I highly recommend this school.


What Makes Jump Different

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Areas of Study:


We have designed an instructional classroom setting where student centered activities take place. Your child will hone in on their reading skills, writing and expressive skills, comprehension, and public speaking.


Children use concrete objects as they count, sort, pattern, graph, estimate and discover relations through methodology of Singapore Math. The math concepts include numbers, number bonds and operations, geometry, measurements, sequencing, time, spatial awareness, and early problem solving.


Jump provides a monthly focus on cultural awareness and school awareness in the following topics: All About School, We Are Good Friends, We Are Thankful, Holidays Around the World, What Makes Us Unique, We Are a Great Nation, Our Community, Community Professionals, and Our Garden.


Our thematic units are designed for your child to investigate tools for discovery, develop scientific inquiry skills, expose to different scientific fields such as science lab 101, senses, trees, habitats, hibernation, earth resources, motion, non-living things, matters, and plants.


Through the use of different mediums such as art, music and theater, children begin to increase self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-expression. Students will learn to follow directions, listen, improvise, and express themselves using different art techniques to develop their own creative voice.


In this year-long workshop, students explore the study of Outer Space. They will study characteristics, similarities and differences of the planets, sun, stars and moon. The discussion continues at the children’s homes which consist of star gazing and finding constellations. We will discuss astronauts, their role, equipment, attire and vessels, eventually building a rocket and space station of our own to carry out pretend launches.


Interactive online programs geared to identify code as a language, this year students will will receive an introduction to code as a language.

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