Mandarin Saturday Immersion Program

Jump! Immersion School Saturday Immersion Program
Our Mandarin Saturday Immersion program enables your child to become fluent in Mandarin. Our Mandarin programs have a strong academic focus. We integrate math concepts, science and cultural knowledge to enhance your child’s educational components in addition to learning to speak, read and write Mandarin Chinese.

Program Info Sheet

Info Sheet - Saturday Immersion, Mandarin Info Sheet - Saturday Immersion, Mandarin

Because we are an immersion school we learn through established educational content and provide an experience that helps the student grow cognitively, analytically and confidently. Our Mandarin Saturday Immersion programs incorporate project based activities and hands-on interaction to ensure the child grasp and maintains the information. Our students learn Mandarin in a fun way; we understand that a child is coming to us after a long day. We have developed a curriculum to incorporate learning in creative methods using games, songs and hands on activities. Each child is assessed and divided by age and language proficiency level.