Spanish Language Track

Children entering the Spanish Language track will receive their education in math, science, language arts, social studies, fine arts, physical education, library and technology in Spanish.


Our Spanish programs are available in Edison, Livingston, Scotch Plains, and Summit.

Advantages of Learning Spanish

  • While the Spanish language has very similar sounds to English, some, such as the double r, can be easily mastered at an early age.
  • Children learn how to read in Spanish phonetically connecting consonants and vowels to develop vocabulary. This method of learning assists children with learning how to read in English phonetically as opposed to memorization.
  • Spanish can be the gateway to the study of other Romance languages later in life, including French and Italian.

Children in our Spanish track during the day can also learn Mandarin after school. Learning Spanish and Mandarin together is a powerful tool for this new global generation!

Our Approach to Spanish

Our native speaking teachers have years of teaching experience and have a passion for ensuring each child reaches their fullest potential. Our staff is equipped with the tools to provide a nurturing, high-energy, multi-sensory educational approach in a warm, encouraging environment. While preschoolers think they are "just" molding clay, the accompanying critical thinking and public speaking skills that occur in Spanish have untold benefits. New neural pathways are formed, that allow for flexible, creative thinkers.

The benefits of bilingual (or multi-lingual) education are multi-faceted even now...nothing holds our children back; when Jump! students graduate from our program they effortlessly speak, read and write Spanish and English fluently. In addition, the students meet and many exceed the state standards in all core subjects including math, science, language arts, social studies, technology, library, physical education and the fine arts.

The first step of this journey begins with listening and speaking. As confidence builds, reading and writing are introduced. The school environment actively encourages teachers to call on the authentic stories, songs and rhymes that children grow up hearing in their country of origin, be it Argentina, Colombia, Peru or other points in the Spanish-speaking world. Linguistic backgrounds are left at the door when you enter our classroom. Through a carefully crafted curriculum, activities and work are designed to develop the whole child and to ensure that each child develops at their pace. Regardless of whether Spanish is spoken at home, children will be able to progress through our program confidently and successfully.

We feel that each class is a building block towards a strong academic foundation and your child’s future. Our goal is to have each child reading, writing, problem solving and fluently speaking in both the selected target language and English. We focus on core academic, emotional, physical and cognitive development starting at age 2.5 and continue that progression through second grade. Our graduates leave our programs fully prepared for English speaking programs and usually exceed all educational requirements for their next academic year. Students in our program are well versed in the state academic standards and in most cases exceeding the standards and performing 1 to 3 grade levels ahead of their age group.

Our children leave our program with a strong academic foundation in both their target language and English which gives them the global advantage!