Mandarin Chinese Language Track

Children entering the Mandarin Chinese Language track will receive their education in math, science, language arts, social studies, fine arts, physical education, library and technology in Mandarin.


Our Mandarin Chinese programs are available in Livingston, Scotch Plains, and Summit.

Mandarin Track Questions

  • Do you feel that Mandarin is best taught in a private tutor environment vs. classes?

    Younger children learn not just from their teachers but from their peers. The classroom setting allows the child to learn from different sources. This is important for younger students; the classroom allows a hands on learning approach that encourages the child's academic growth.

  • Does your pre-school program challenge my child academically?

    In addition to Mandarin we have a highly effective educational curriculum. We focus on Singapore math, science, language arts, social studies, physical education, technology, library and art. Our academic program meets and exceeds State requirements. Our educational foundation is based on using differentiated learning to encourage and challenge your child to reach his/hers full potential.

  • How can I help them if I don't speak the language? Can I give them the tools they need to succeed?

    There are some online resources to help kids to learn language. Our teachers will provide parent's guidance on how to help their child with Mandarin. If your child wants to practice, a good way is by listening to music, books or watching movies in Mandarin. Our teachers provide you with resources required to continue your child's language progression.

  • How will I reinforce the language they learn since I don't speak Mandarin Chinese (do I need to learn the language myself)?

    If the child comes to the school full-time they will not require reinforcement. However, to enrich your child's experience you could have playdates with the child's classmates, watch Disney films in target language, listen to music and/or audio books in the target language.

  • Is your method effective when teaching Mandarin Chinese?

    The Jump! Immersion School teaching method is Mandarin Chinese immersion. Our philosophy is that we use immersion methods and small class sizes which allow us to leverage differentiate teaching for each lesson to meet each student's educational needs. We also utilize multi-sensory learning to address the different ways children learn language. Some learn via hearing some need to see so we tailor the program according to your child's learning style.

    Our focus is on inquiry based student centered learning. We will ask students open ended questions and actively allow the child to learn on their own and encourage them to be creative thinkers. Our teachers do ongoing assessments to ensure the students meet the expectations; we do formal and an informal assessment to ensure the child is grasping all the concepts.

  • Mandarin Chinese is a level four language; can my child learn Mandarin Chinese at an After School program?

    Jump! Immersion School After School Programs understand the Mandarin Chinese complexities and have native Mandarin speakers teaching the classes. The classes are fully Mandarin immersed the teachers don't speak English during class and is committed to identifying methods required to effectively teach your child Mandarin Chinese.

  • My child cannot learn Mandarin by attending a once per week class.

    We fully agree! That is why we encourage attending our school or our After School / Saturday programs. Our philosophy is: the more they go; the more they know!

  • My child doesn't understand the grammatical aspect of the native language. / My child speaks Mandarin but doesn't read and/or write the second language.

    The goal of our program is to effectively teach your child how to speak, read and write Mandarin. This includes all aspects of the language including grammar. If you have a native speaker at home your child will have more opportunity to speak with the native speaker but we will build the child's language foundation to include reading and writing.

  • What way do you teach the character writing?

    Mandarin Chinese uses simplified Chinese characters. We are teaching simplified characters because it is becoming more popular than traditional, it has fewer strokes than traditional.

  • Why isn't Mandarin Chinese offered at my child's elementary school?

    Mandarin Chinese is a level 4 language. We understand that and provide native speaking and experienced teachers. They fully understand the challenge of teaching Mandarin Chinese and provide a great foundation for your child to fully grasp and understand Mandarin Chinese.

  • Will my child fall behind when they enter elementary school?

    Quite the contrary. Children that graduate from our program tend to perform higher academically then their current grade level or are placed into the Gifted and Talented programs or get accepted into prestigious schools.

  • Will my child feel uncomfortable or lost in class because he/she doesn't speak the language?

    Not at all! Children that attend our program start the target language at different levels. Children that don't speak the target language will follow along with those that do until they begin to absorb the language themselves. The teacher also uses engaging props and materials to enhance learning as well as total physical response which allows children to learn the language one step at a time.

Advantages of Learning Mandarin

  • Through early exposure, the student’s ear will be attuned to sounds that are not easily identifiable to an adult.
  • Exposure to Mandarin sets the foundation for a confident speaker to learn other languages.
  • Knowing the Mandarin Chinese language is a gateway to doing business globally, studying and living abroad.

Children in our Mandarin Chinese language track during the day can also learn Spanish after school. Learning Mandarin and Spanish together is a powerful tool for this new global generation!

Our Approach to Mandarin

Our native speaking teachers have years of teaching experience and have a passion for ensuring each child reaches their fullest potential.

Children will explore a child’s innate ability to absorb another language in a natural way. While it is clear that Mandarin Chinese is a challenging language to learn, when a child starts young, it can be mastered with ease.

The first step of this journey begins with listening and speaking. As confidence builds, reading and writing are introduced. Chinese characters come to life for the children through centuries of vivid storytelling and traditions. This is reinforced through calligraphy and other manipulatives to strengthen fine motor skills.

Linguistic backgrounds are left at the door when you enter the classroom. Through a carefully crafted curriculum, activities and work are designed to develop the whole child and to ensure that each child develops at their pace. Regardless of whether Mandarin is spoken at home, children will be able to progress through our program confidently and successfully.

Children leave our program with a strong academic foundation in both their target language and English which gives them the global advantage!