Mandarin Chinese Language Track

Children entering the Mandarin Chinese Language track will receive their education in math, science, language arts, social studies, fine arts, physical education, library and technology in Mandarin.


Our Mandarin Chinese programs are available in Livingston, Scotch Plains, and Summit.

Advantages of Learning Mandarin

  • Through early exposure, the student’s ear will be attuned to sounds that are not easily identifiable to an adult.
  • Exposure to Mandarin sets the foundation for a confident speaker to learn other languages.
  • Knowing the Mandarin Chinese language is a gateway to doing business globally, studying and living abroad.

Children in our Mandarin Chinese language track during the day can also learn Spanish after school. Learning Mandarin and Spanish together is a powerful tool for this new global generation!

Our Approach to Mandarin

Our native speaking teachers have years of teaching experience and have a passion for ensuring each child reaches their fullest potential.

Children will explore a child’s innate ability to absorb another language in a natural way. While it is clear that Mandarin Chinese is a challenging language to learn, when a child starts young, it can be mastered with ease.

The first step of this journey begins with listening and speaking. As confidence builds, reading and writing are introduced. Chinese characters come to life for the children through centuries of vivid storytelling and traditions. This is reinforced through calligraphy and other manipulatives to strengthen fine motor skills.

Linguistic backgrounds are left at the door when you enter the classroom. Through a carefully crafted curriculum, activities and work are designed to develop the whole child and to ensure that each child develops at their pace. Regardless of whether Mandarin is spoken at home, children will be able to progress through our program confidently and successfully.

Children leave our program with a strong academic foundation in both their target language and English which gives them the global advantage!