COVID-19 Answers Page

Last Updated 7/24/20

NEW - See our COVID-19 procedures and hear from parents bringing their kids to our school right now!

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    • Hand sanitizing stations are available for everyone entering the building to sanitize their hands.
    • Drop off times will be staggered by age group to assist with the screening time at the door.
    • Parents will be required to wait by the designated entrance where there will be social dis-tancing markings on the floor to drop off and pick up your child(ren).
    • Screenings will take place of staff and child(ren) at designated entrance. Anyone show-ing signs of illness will not be permitted to enter. This includes a temperature of 100.4 or higher.
    • Stay home if sick. If children or staff show signs of illness, we will ask the ill person to stay home until they’ve been symptom-free without medication for at least 48 hours.
    • COVID – 19 symptoms: If you staff or child(ren) exhibit shortness of breath, fever and cough, we will ask ill person to test for COVID-19 and stay home until results are clear. If you test positive, please notify the Center Director immediately so that we can notify the Department of Health.
    • If your child becomes sick during the day, they will be brought to a space away from all other children and parents will be expected to pick up their child as soon as possible.
    • If you have traveled to a high-risk area, please stay home for 14 days and follow all CDC travel guidelines.
    • Face coverings will be required for staff and face coverings will be encouraged for all children age 3 and above but not required.
    • Handwashing will be required of all staff members before entering a classroom.
    • Sanitation of shoes will be required of all staff and children upon entering the building.
    • Classes will include the same group each day, and the same teachers will remain with the same group each day. Staff and children will only use their assigned room for the day.
    • Class sizes will be 10 students per group.
    • No visitors will be allowed in the building. We ask that parents not enter the building at drop off or pick-up. If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call our Center Director.
    • Playground times will be staggered to allow for disinfection before another class may enter the playground.
    • Gloves will be worn while handling food, changing diapers or during any contact with a bodily fluid.
    • Field trips and special events will be canceled or postponed until further guidance from the state is provided.
    • Routinely clean, disinfect, and sanitize. Each school has a schedule for cleaning and disinfecting all common areas and classrooms throughout the day and at the end of the day.
    • Children's bedding and nap mats are stored in individual bags and laid head to foot.
    • Staff ensure children wash hands prior to and immediately after eating.
    • Handwashing is required of staff prior to applying gloves to prepare food and after helping children to eat.
    • Families are required to provide their own food for lunchtime and snacks.
    • Catering Solutions will be available to offer lunch daily to all children. They will leave the lunches outside for Center Directors to pick up. All lunches are individually wrapped.
  • Welcome to the Classroom

    • Children will be escorted to the classroom by an employee who is part of the check-in process.
    • Your child will go to the sink and wash their hands before beginning their day.

    Classroom Routine

    • Each child will be assigned their own chair for circle time and other activities.
    • Each child will be assigned a designated spot at the table in the classroom. This table is where the child will do all table work, and this is where they will eat lunch and snack.
    • Every child will have their own work basket. This basket will have their own colored pencils, pencil, eraser, clay and any other supplies they need.

Summer Camp Status:

Jump passes first state of NJ COVID-19 Inspection 100%!

We just had the state visit all of our centers to inspect our procedures for our in person Summer Camp and are happy to say that all centers passed with flying colors!

Summer Camp is open July 6th-August 14th in our Livingston, Scotch Plains and Summit centers!

We now have official word from the state and will be opening In Person Summer Camp at 3 of our locations - Livingston, Scotch Plains and Summit.  Edison will not have in person summer camp, but families are encouraged to enroll at the Scotch Plains location nearby.  You can learn more and register online here.

Online Summer Camp available

This summer we are offering an Online Summer Camp program. You can learn more and register online here.

Day School Status:

NEW - Online Day School Option

We will also be offering an Online Day School option for Pre-k 3 and up. Learn more and register at our Online Day School page.

We are opening our Day School this fall!

Enrollment is currently open at all 4 centers. If you have questions about our program, our safety procedures, or how immersion education will benefit your child, please attend one of our online open houses.