Saturday Immersion Program

Jump! Immersion School Saturday Immersion Program
Our Saturday Immersion programs are designed to promote fluency in your selected target language track through complete language immersion. Your child will be on track to fluently converse, read and write in the selected language track!

Program Info Sheet

Info Sheet - Saturday Immersion, Spanish Info Sheet - Saturday Immersion, Spanish

Info Sheet - Saturday Immersion, Mandarin Info Sheet - Saturday Immersion, Mandarin

Our programs are designed for children 4-years-old to fifth grade. Following our programs from the Beginning Level to the Advanced Level (starting level is assessed upon enrollment to determine your child’s language level) provides the language foundation necessary for your child to be fluent (speaking, reading and writing) in their selected language track.

What differentiates our programs from in-school classes and other independent language programs are our teaching philosophy and approach. Children learn at different paces and through different modalities (visual, tactile or oratory). Our approach is to provide a differentiated learning structure delivered in small / flexible groups to enable the teacher to truly reach each child’s fullest potential.

Each child is assessed to determine their level and learning modality. The low teacher-to-student ratio and tailored education experience ensures a successful language outcome which leads to your child’s Global advantage!