Preschool Prep Program

Jump! Immersion School Preschool Prep Program
Our Preschool Prep program is a full language immersion program focused on providing language fluency and core academic curriculum components designed to set a strong educational foundation. Through hands-on educational interactions in our immersion environment, learning is accomplished using a variety of sensory experiences. Young children learn by doing, our educational approach utilizes hands-on, interactive activities to encourage children to explore the world and learn about themselves and others.

Curriculum Outline

Curriculum Outline: Preschool Prep Curriculum Outline: Preschool Prep

The Jump! Immersion School Preschool Prep program is a full language immersion program and offers Preschooler’s a unique way to truly enjoy their first experience at school. Our loving native speaking teachers nurture their minds and imaginations through activities designed to capture their interest, foster independence, enhance communication skills and increase vocabulary in an interactive and nurturing environment.

Don’t worry if you child is not yet toilet trained. Our teachers will happily partner with you and your child to promote consistent toilet usage and help your child reach a momentous milestone!