Dec 19

Winter Solstice Festival (DongZhi)

The Winter Solstice Festival, or DongZhi Festival, is finally approaching! From December 21st through the 23rd, one of China’s most popular celebrations will take place. Widely regarded as a family-oriented time of year, the Winter Solstice Festival is a time to spend time with loved ones, eat traditional foods, and celebrate family unity.

If you have never celebrated the Winter Solstice Festival, we encourage you to do so by following fun (and easy!) traditions this December.

1. Stock up on dumplings

In Northern China, it is customary to eat dumplings during the Winter Solstice. These include a wide variety, ranging from soup dumplings to wontons. To learn more about recipes, read our blog about traditional Chinese cuisine.

2. Prepare TangYuan with your family

In Southern China, however, it is customary to prepare TangYuan, glutinous rice flour balls. They are often colorful and placed in a savory broth. In fact, preparing and eating TangYuan is a symbolization for reunion. For the recipe, visit Instructables, Tangyuan (Glutinous rice dumplings in sweet soup)»