May 17

What Can I Expect from Jump! Summer Camp?

Bienvenidos! If you’re a parent who just enrolled your child in Jump! Summer Camp, you might have several questions... What will the camp be like? Will my child become fluent by the end? What if I my child is shy, even when speaking in English?

We understand that enrolling your child in summer camp can be a daunting experience, especially if you have never had an experience with a bilingual school. We’re here to make sure you feel safe, secure, and excited for your summer with us. So, here’s a detailed outline of what exactly to expect this summer.

The teachers will speak completely in Spanish

Yes, your child’s instructors -- whether it be the visiting Zumba instructor, main teacher, volunteer, or sports coach -- will all be native Spanish speakers that will only speak English when absolutely necessary. All lessons, interactions, and outdoor play will be in Spanish so that your child receives a full and well-rounded immersion experience.

They will speak to each other completely in Spanish

Another part of the immersion process is that your child will interact with his/her friends entirely in Spanish as well. To the best of their respective abilities, students are encouraged to speak to each other with ice-breaker activities and play-time hours. To facilitate this, students are placed with other students within a similar skill-level so that speaking won’t be intimidating.

If you have a child that is shy when speaking Spanish, or self-conscious, our teachers will work one-on-one with them to gradually ease them into the process. Our instructors are very sensitive to your children’s needs, limits, and potential -- each child’s feelings are taken into consideration to minimize the frustration of misunderstandings.

The more they go, the more they know

Of course, the more your child is exposed to an immersion setting, the more they will learn the target language. Since Jump’s summer camp mission is fluid conversational Spanish, the more exposure to these conversations, the better they will be able to both speak and comprehend. Additionally, since our teachers are native Spanish speakers, a more natural accent will be much easier for your child to absorb in an immersive setting.

They will become conversational, even at the beginner level.

All the students that enroll in our summer camp become excellent at conversational Spanish. Whether your child is beginning, intermediate, or advanced, Jump’s summer camp offers a dynamic and student-tailored immersion process that allows each child to reach their full potential in conversational Spanish. For more advanced speakers, our instructors are more than willing to provide more challenging work and offer opportunities to refine their skills.

They will learn a blend of academic work spanning science, vocabulary-building activities, theatre, dancing, and even cooking

Jump’s summer camp is all-encompassing. Not only do the students have fun, but they learn a wide array of academic subjects. Our instructors are diligently trained to teach children who are just learning Spanish academic subjects in a way that is not only comprehensible, but thorough. This way, your child not only brushes up on academics during the summer, but learns a new language as well.

They will have access to an unparalleled cultural education to foster a connection with a diverse range of Spanish-speaking countries

In addition to receiving an academic education, your child will receive an extensive cultural education to promote cultural awareness, sensitivity, and appreciation. Since our mission is to provide our students with a global advantage, we firmly believe that this begins with a cultural education that spans a diverse range of countries. Here, your child will learn about dances, foods, holidays, and social norms across Spanish-speaking countries and foster a genuine appreciation for the Latin culture.

They will have lots of summer fun!

In addition to academics, cultural awareness, and immersion, we absolutely guarantee that your child will have their most fun summer yet here at Jump! From water play to theatre productions, to outdoor sports, and our annual visit from The Lizard Guy, Jump’s summer fun is endless. They will make new friends, learn from incredibly warm and caring teachers, and most of all, learn a new language!

If you have any more questions regarding Jump’s summer camp, please don’t hesitate to call your center and ask.

We can’t wait to see you in June -- hasta luego!

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