May 01

Jump General Update - May 5th, 2020

Dear friends & future Jump families,

We hope that everyone is doing well during this very difficult time. We, at Jump, hear you and understand the confusion surrounded by the decisions you must make in order to ensure the safety of your children and your family members.

We are all awaiting response from our Governor as to when we can re-open, but will that be sufficient to help you feel safe enough to allow your children to come back to school? Just know, that we completely empathize with you and want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to help you feel comfortable with that decision.

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions:

What if we are still unable to come back in September. Is E-learning a possibility?

Jump has been offering e-learning to our children daily since March 19th. The children are receptive, engaged and are loving the program. We will be able to offer e-learning for as long as needed. Tuition will be adjusted for our families for the following school year if e-learning is offered.

What if summer camp cannot reopen? Is E-learning a possibility?

Yes. There will be an e-learning option if we do not open our camp. It will also be available for families that are still nervous about bringing their children to a brick and mortar school in July.

We feel that the continuity and structure of our program could be a benefit to children and families. We are developing the information right now and will send you an update very soon. This tuition will also be adjusted for e-learning classes.

What is Jump doing to ensure our children are safe to come back to school?

Here are some steps we're currently taking in anticipation of a summer or fall opening:

  • Jump has contracted a specialized cleaning agency to disinfect our schools thoroughly while we are closed ensuring that our children are coming back to a safe and clean environment.

  • We are scrutinizing all of our policies and procedures to ensure that it covers all communicable diseases, including COVID-19 for teachers, staff, parents and children and will be updating them as needed immediately.

  • Training regarding prevention, health and safety will be underway for all of our teachers in June.

  • Our health department will update us regarding testing for our staff and students.

  • We are reviewing our school year calendar to reflect our changing times.

  • Our Education Specialists are working with teachers on curriculum enhancements to include ways to teach children about our new normal.

  • We are looking into PPE, hand sanitizers, disinfectants and air purifiers to cut down the germs in our facility.

  • Our cleaning company are also updating their protocols to ensure that our school is properly disinfected every evening.

In closing, we hope that this letter will give you some insight into what we are doing to protect our Jump community for years to come. We take this very seriously and want only what is best for all the children who attend our school.

Thank you for listening and engaging in our efforts to bring back our school. We are on it! We look forward to seeing you in the summer or fall.


Jackie Sanin
Founder and President