Sep 22

Celebrate 15 Years With Us!

As we near our 15-year anniversary, we have exciting news!

In 2003, Jump! Immersion School began as a bilingual school for Spanish and English, named Salta! Jump into Spanish. Jackie, our founder, had a vision to give children a truly global advantage grounded in cultural awareness, empathy, understanding. With one location in Edison, New Jersey, Salta! thrived until both the popularity of bilingual education and glowing parent reviews urged it to expand to not only one, but two franchised centers in Livingston and Scotch Plains.

However, the growth didn’t stop there!

Jackie’s vision was a global one, and set out to give her students a truly all-encompassing and versatile language immersion experience. With a team of dedicated education professionals, Salta! began offering Mandarin immersion classes and changed the name to Jump! Immersion School.  Now, Jump! offers a range of immersion classes, from Summer Camp to Preschool, from Saturday classes to After-School programs in both target languages. In all of our programs, we are fully staffed by native-speakers with a passion for teaching children Mandarin and/or Spanish, with an emphasis on differentiated learning.

Since then, we are proud to announce that we have experienced a 35% increase in growth across all centers, with over 175 students part of the Jump family. To accommodate for this growth, we have now moved our Livingston location to a larger space ready for all of our new students coming to learn with us this fall.

As we grow, we are incredibly thankful to all who have supported us.

We thank the parents for believing in our mission and trusting our system. We thank our students for coming in each day willing and ready to learn more about themselves, their peers, and the world around them. Above all, we thank our staff for putting love, hard work, and belief into our school and growing the Jump! family to what it is today.

As we go into this school year, we are excited for what the future brings us, and hope you will be with us along the way.

Feb 07

Celebrating Mozart

Author: Dana Matthews

We had so much fun celebrating Mozart’s birthday in fantastic style! One of our Jump! parents is an accomplished pianist and amazing piano teacher! To celebrate Mozart’s 261st birthday she came to the school to showcase Mozart’s talent. The students were mesmerized with her playing ability and were astonished to find out that Mozart created his first composition at age five!

It was so cute to see all the students get excited about classical music! Our Kindergartners and First Graders were inspired and now want to compose their own music. Who knows, this event might encourage our next great pianist, violinist and/or composer!

Watch this video for a child friendly version of Mozart’s life, courtesy of Free School; this may inspire your child to compose or play classical piano and/or violin!

Mozart for Children: Biography for kids - FreeSchool

Oct 13

Jump! Immersion School Attends the 53rd Annual Metuchen County Fair

Jump! Immersion School participated in the 53rd Annual Metuchen County Fair! This year’s Fair theme was "Classic Television". Several vendors and local businesses attended the fair.

The fair was a step back into old TV time featuring tributes to shows like Batman & Robin, The Love Boat, Gilligan’s Island, Happy Days, and the most popular was I Love Lucy! Okay, we love Lucy too! The Jump! booth featured I Love Lucy as well. Why? Did you know that Desi Arnaz who played Ricky Ricardo was born in Cuba? Desi Arnaz used his Cuban heritage to forge new ground to expose the U.S. to Cuban-influenced music and dance. Our founder, Jackie Sanin, is also from Cuba! We featured our favorite episode of I Love Lucy: the one where Lucy and Ethel work at a chocolate factory and realize it's a much harder job then they anticipated!

We had a wonderful time meeting new friends and connecting with some old acquaintances. It was a great "Learning Moment" to find out how well our former students are doing with Spanish. It was also exciting to talk to a parent who thanked us for their son’s Spanish-speaking ability, how he is performing well in A.P. Spanish, and preparing to graduate from high school!

It was great to hear from our past families and we look forward to meeting many new Metuchen families in the near future!

Jun 03

Our 1st Grade Puppet Show Premier!

Author: Dana Matthews

Our students have a way of amazing us! The first grade class was learning about sentence and story structure, and the students took the concept to another level. They asked their teacher if they could do a puppet show. But not just acting out a story that they read, but do an entire production: writing the story, designing the stage, and creating the puppets without assistance from any teachers.

¡Los Pingüinitos Pingüinosos!

Their wonderful puppet show is about penguins going to visit their cousin and along the way they encounter a polar bear. The penguins are so scared that one has a little "accident" that causes the polar bear to leave them alone!

We are so proud of the First Graders playwriting, designing, and directing premier!

Lesson learned: We must be flexible and let students challenge themselves and be there to provide support and direction. The students learned more than anticipated by doing a puppet show!

Click the image to watch the video of their premier play: ¡Los pingüinitos pingüinosos!

Jun 11

Dental Health for Kids

Author: Bri Rodriguez-Cancio

As I was bemoaning the fact that my six-year-old did not brush her teeth well (i.e. thoroughly enough for my taste), a pediatric dentist that I know, Dr. Mouli Patel of Pediatric Dentistry of Union, shared some great advice with me.

She said to use this general guide:

If your child can tie her shoes, then she can brush her teeth alone.

More than a general correlation to age, Dr. Patel said that much of the manual dexterity in tying shoelaces also assists with all the angles needed to brush all sides of the teeth. Who knew?! That's your tip of the day!

Now, if you are looking for manual dexterity, our dedicated teachers at Jump! help pre-writers get ready to have proper pencil grip with scissor cutting and pincer work, to name but a few examples.

Come visit and see what our smart students can accomplish, as they "play!"

Let's Brush Our Teeth!

Pictured: Heather Miele, a dental hygienist from Tender Smiles 4 Kids taught Jump! students all about the mouth, its hinge, and proper brushing & flossing techniques.

Instead of peering into an actual mouth or using a small plastic mouth as a sample, several children volunteered to line up as "teeth" and Miss Heather showed how to brush (using a 4-foot tall inflatable toothbrush!) and floss (using a strip of cloth!).

Thank you Miss Heather for the fun and informative visit!

Jun 01

International Children's Day

Author: Bri Rodriguez-Cancio

Did you know?

Today is the June First International Children's Day in China [六一国际儿童节 or liù yī guó jì ér tóng jié]. Children 14 years and younger are given a "pass" on school work and are taken outside the confines of school for the day. Schools typically sponsor field trips to such places as a local park, or a zoo or even an amusement park.

Children's Day Celebrations Worldwide!

Children’s Day is celebrated in many countries. The roots of the commemorative day were initially to bring awareness to children's rights, the importance of education, safety, sanitation, and even life itself.

Festivities can run from January to December, with the Bahamas starting the party on the first Friday of January (typically the 1st through the 3rd), to the island of Dominica on the last Friday in December (typically the 25th through the 30th). The Spanish-speaking countries refer to this day as el Día del Niño.

This year at Jump! Immersion School we opted to celebrate the Mexican holiday on April 30th. Our students were thrilled to have popcorn, dancing, and a special visit from not one... but TWO guests: Mickey Mouse and a Friendly Clown! It was the talk of the hallway during pick-up in the afternoon.

Jump! Immersion School values festivities celebrated around the world. We like to occasionally take the time to engage in festivities during our Spanish and Mandarin Chinese language track programs and even our summer camp programs and weave in laughter and play... lest we forget we are working for children. We follow the founding principles of Jackie Sanin, the CEO, to make time for a song or a dance to lift our overall spirits!

Apr 29

Feria de Sevilla ("Seville Fair")

sponsored by the Alborada Spanish Dance Theatre

  • Where: Parker Press Park, 428 Rahway Ave, Woodbridge, NJ
  • When: Sunday, May 3rd, 2015, from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.
    (Rain date May 9th, same time)
  • Admission: FREE!

"The history (both past and living) of flamenco is unclear. Many scholars cite South Asian (i.e.) Indian dance, gypsy dance, with threads of Caribbean and jazz influences woven in. It is a passionate form of expression; serious dancers search for "duende" or the spirit within us, to bring out the fiery aspects of the dance. There are also European influences, such as ballet, to pick out. Come judge for yourself!"

This day promises to be an afternoon of cultural delights. The "Feria" will provide performances by Alborada's widely-acclaimed professional dancers and musicians throughout the afternoon. "Sevillanas" dancing throughout the park by dancers in traditional costumes, arts & crafts for children, flamenco dance and castanet lessons, a flamenco fashion show, artists creating works "en plein air" inspired by the dancers and the outdoor festival, Spanish food and drink for sale, and much more.

Irish step dancing is another variation or permutation of flamenco, in this author's humble opinion. Riverdance, anyone?

Jump! Immersion School will be participating at the fair. Come say hello! (or "ole! ")