Oct 10

Teaching Babies a Second Language

Check out this article on Futurity.com that explains how in just 1 hour per day, babies can begin learning a second language!

"Can babies be taught a second language if they don’t get foreign language exposure at home, and if so, what kind of foreign language exposure, and how much, is needed to spark that learning?"

Read the article here: Babies Can Learn Second Language in 1 Hour per Day »

[Photo Credit: I-LABS / University of Washington]

Jan 18

How Can Young Children Best Learn Languages?

Author: Dana Matthews

The article: How can young children best learn languages? By Tracey Chapelton was very interesting! I found this article insightful! It identifies why and how children can learn another language or three with ease. This statement explains why our children at Jump! Immersion School effortlessly learn another language:

“Communication is something that children do to help them achieve something else, and they are blissfully unaware of the enormous amount of learning taking place. They take everything in through their senses, making connections between what they hear, see, smell, taste and touch.”

Unfortunately, this also explains why it might take me five years to be able to speak another language fluently!

Read the full article on the British Council site:
How Can Young Children Best Learn Languages?»

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Dec 06

Six Reasons Why Your Bilingual Child Might Begin Using Only One Language

It can be a challenge to raise a bilingual child and provide an environment where he or she can be equally exposed to both languages. Many of our dual-language families come to us with this concern, and we understand how hard it is to raise a bilingual child (speaking, reading and writing in both languages). That is the reason Jackie Sanin created Jump! Immersion School.

Jump! is an environment where your child is immersed in Spanish or Mandarin, both the language and the culture. We want to help ensure your child truly appreciates, values, and is proud to be bilingual!

Read the most common reasons your bilingual child might begin using only one language and some practical solutions at TheHuffingtonPost.com:

6 Reasons Why Your Bilingual Child Might Drop Your Language»

Aug 18

Learning a New Language Improves Cultural Intelligence

This article demonstrates the importance of speaking an additional language from the prospective of communication in the workplace.

However, why not start your child in an immersion program so that they learn to effectively communicate with other cultures and be able to relate to others at an early age? They will continue to reap the benefits of communication and relationship building throughout their childhood and can be more successful in life!

Read the full article on Inc.com:
Learning a New Language Might Improve "Cultural Intelligence"»

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