Mar 20

Printable Spanish A-Z: Alphabet Placemat

Today is Puerto Rican author Luis Palés Matos birthday! And to celebrate, Jump! Immersion School would like to give you a gift! Please download our Spanish Alphabet: A-Z Placemat for your child!

Spanish Alphabet: A-Z Placemat

This placemat has letters A-Z with corresponding words in Spanish and lively pictures your child will recognize to practice letters and words in Spanish. You can even print multiple placemats to help learn setting the table! Click the download button at the end of this post and print on legal-sized (8x14) paper for best results.

Printable Spanish A-Z: Alphabet Placemat

Please be sure to print on regular (8x11) paper
for best results.

Download Printable Placemat

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