Jan 14

10 Reasons To Teach Your Child Spanish (Part 2)

The Salta! Jump Into Spanish model is based on the fact that learning Spanish at an early age is an important factor in the development of a child. Salta's Spanish classes are designed to boost your child's confidence and improve their overall language skills.

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On with our list:

6) Career Potential

A rising number of jobs require Spanish or at least prefer individuals who can speak Spanish. Plus, being bilingual makes a person a more competitive force in the increasingly competitive job market. Currently, 37 million people in the United States speak Spanish as their first language and the number is growing. 2 million people in the United States speak Mandarin. Spanish is the second largest spoken language by far in the United States.

7) Traveling

Traveling to Spanish speaking countries will be done safely and comfortably as conversing with the natives will be easy and pleasant. Spanish is spoken in three continents, as well as in Central America. Plus, it’s a good excuse to take a family vacation.

8) Confidence

Learning a new language can improve a child’s communication skills and overall confidence level. Kids love when they can teach their parents some new vocabulary.

9) Practicality

By 2050, the US will be the largest Spanish speaking country, according to Humberto López Morales, the general secretary of the Association of Spanish Language Academies.

10) Additional Opportunities

Many high schools offer Spanish exchange student programs and study abroad trips that can give a child a unique opportunity to advance their skills.

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