Jan 11

Learning a New Language in 2015

Author: Bri Rodriguez-Cancio

It's a New Year! You may have "Learn a Language" as a goal for 2015, for your child or you. Perhaps you are looking for an educational "edge" for your preschooler. Perhaps you are preparing for a trip for pleasure abroad, or to see relatives overseas.

fireworks spelling 2015

Stages of Language Acquisition
(Not quite "The 12 Steps")

There is a well-known program that discusses the "12-Step Plan." This is not it! When your child (or you) begin the process of learning a new language, I would humbly argue that there is a certain—predictable—road or journey that your child will encounter as s/he picks up words that lead to comprehension and ultimately, fluency. We agree, that is the golden apple. There are some variations to this list; it is, granted, mostly personal, but based on at least a decade's worth of observation. What do you think? Agree, disagree, or demur? Think back to the days that you learned a language.

  1. Denial
  2. Shock/Incomprehension
  3. Anger
    "I will not go!"
  4. Understanding a few words in isolation
    (aka the "Silent" or "Quiet" Period, as there is no language output...yet!)
  5. Understanding a few phrases
  6. Speaking a bit
  7. Speaking a bit... more
  8. Feeling comfortable speaking
  9. Writing begins/progresses
    Depending on age (roughly over 5 years old). Reading and writing are often seen as less immediate goals compared to understanding and speaking.
  10. Watch out for the possibility of rebellion
    Particularly at a break in time or crossroads. If this red-eyed monster rears its head, family support is KEY. If none occurs, perhaps a new-found inspiration will be exhibited, with growing self-confidence.
  11. Deciphering musical lyrics
  12. Understanding jokes, puns, etc.
  13. FLUENCY!
    ...and then...maintaining it

The "Take Away" Message

When your child begins to study a new language, you cannot be "wishy washy." You must be consistent and not veer off the path. There are definite stages to language acquisition; eventually your child will learn it and thank you. You cannot waiver; your children will instantly pick up on that and will rebel, because you have shown a weakness. If you start & stop, you cannot expect your child to be fluent.

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