Dec 12

Latin Foods to Make During the Holidays

Last month, we gave our top three Chinese dishes to include in your Thanksgiving feast. This December, we encourage you to add something from Latin America to your holiday dinner!

#1  Buñuelos

Since this is a widespread traditional treat, each country will have a different version of it. Buñuelos are fried balls of dough, sometimes with cheese in the center. When made correctly, they’re flaky, crispy, and absolutely delicious! For the recipe for Colombian buñuelos, visit:
Buñuelos Colombianos on My Colombian Recipes»

#2  Lechon Asado

Instead of ham or turkey this Christmas Eve, try out a Lechon Asado. Lechon, or roasted pork, is a staple for Latino households everywhere. The most famous modification of the Lechon is from Cuba, which includes cumin and oregano. To truly compliment the lechon, we recommend making tostones (fried plantations) and congri (rice and black beans mixed together).

For easy to follow instructions, visit: Cuban Lechon Asado on Traeger Grills Recipes»

#3  Tres Leches

You’ve heard of flan, but why not try something different this holiday season? Tres Leches Cake is a tried and true favorite in Latin America, from Chile all the way to Mexico. It’s a sponge cake that has been soaked in three types of milk: condensed milk, evaporated milk, and heavy cream.

For more information,see this recipe: Tres Leches on»

There you have it, those are the most classic holiday dishes in Latin America from appetizer to dessert! To learn more about traditional Chinese cuisine, click here.

Buena suerte!