Oct 13

Jump! Immersion School Attends the 53rd Annual Metuchen County Fair

Jump! Immersion School participated in the 53rd Annual Metuchen County Fair! This year’s Fair theme was "Classic Television". Several vendors and local businesses attended the fair.

The fair was a step back into old TV time featuring tributes to shows like Batman & Robin, The Love Boat, Gilligan’s Island, Happy Days, and the most popular was I Love Lucy! Okay, we love Lucy too! The Jump! booth featured I Love Lucy as well. Why? Did you know that Desi Arnaz who played Ricky Ricardo was born in Cuba? Desi Arnaz used his Cuban heritage to forge new ground to expose the U.S. to Cuban-influenced music and dance. Our founder, Jackie Sanin, is also from Cuba! We featured our favorite episode of I Love Lucy: the one where Lucy and Ethel work at a chocolate factory and realize it's a much harder job then they anticipated!

We had a wonderful time meeting new friends and connecting with some old acquaintances. It was a great "Learning Moment" to find out how well our former students are doing with Spanish. It was also exciting to talk to a parent who thanked us for their son’s Spanish-speaking ability, how he is performing well in A.P. Spanish, and preparing to graduate from high school!

It was great to hear from our past families and we look forward to meeting many new Metuchen families in the near future!