Mar 12

Homework Struggles? Tick Tock!

Author: Bri Rodriguez-Cancio

My children were once at a preschool (yes, you read right) where homework could easily run 30 minutes or more a night. Putting aside your own stance on homework volume, what do you do if your child is resisting sitting down and actually doing it?

How about a timer with a buzzer? This has helped my family immensely, believe it or not. What a satisfying sound it became...


Timer for Kids

Try a Homework Timer

Does your child have "ants in her pants"? Does he just have a case of the doldrums? Present the idea of the timer.

First, decide on an increment of time that is doable, say 15-20 minutes. Then talk to your child and ask for 15 minutes of their undivided attention. 100% focus.

If they give you that, and the homework is done, great! If they give you that and the homework is NOT done... that is fine as well. Just watch their eyes when they realize the magnitude of your statement! However, if they do not focus, you will reset the timer back to the full allotted time again.

To date, I have had success with this—it really takes the pressure off. Use this "just" with language homework or even general homework. I do find that smaller time increments allow for some stretching and moving around, which helps students at any age!