Jun 05

The 3 Great iPad Apps for Spanish

Rainy day? Long car ride? If you’re looking for something to entertain your child for a few minutes (or hours) why not set them up with an app that will let them have fun and learn a new language?

Digital apps can be useful for turning language-learning into a game that children actually want to play. We’ve compiled the 3 best Spanish-learning apps for the iPad, including the most kid-friendly and the most comprehensive in terms of grammar, speaking, and reading comprehension.

Endless Spanish (by Originator)  |  Price: Free for intro levels (price varies to add more)

A parent-favorite, Endless Spanish takes our #1 spot for a multitude of reasons. First, this app is designed for children learning Spanish and is complete with creative graphics that are designed to create enthusiasm for learning Spanish.

Second, you complete interactive puzzles and sentence structures that are inherently designed to increase reading comprehension at any skill level. The puzzles literally come to life to teach vocabulary visually as well -- for example the word “flor” actually blooms!

Third, Endless Spanish comes in two modes: “Spanish Immersion” and “Spanish with English Translation” so that you can choose the appropriate skill level.

The best part is, this app was designed specifically for children being introduced to the language. There are no competitions, scores, or charts keeping track of progress. Simply play and learn!

Duolingo  |  Price: Free

Duolingo is up next, and is a fantastic app for learning Spanish. It has an extremely high rating, and is a student and teacher favorite. The app is split into themes (work, fun, education, etc.) with adjustable levels of difficulty.

Duolingo incorporates a multitude of learning methods: repeating aloud into the microphone to practice speaking and pronunciation; multiple choice response to questions asked by characters in the app; and matching pictures to words.

Duolingo is not grammar intensive, however, and relies mostly on vocabulary, reading comprehension, and speaking/listening settings to teach Spanish to its users. At Jump!, since we understand the value of immersion and its role on language development, we highly suggest using an app like Duolingo in addition to learning grammar rules to really become proficient.

MindSnacks  |  Price: $4.99

MindSnacks is a fantastic app that works well on its own or as a supplementary app to others. Like Endless Spanish, MindSnacks was designed with children in mind. Here, the app combines learning with games, and makes the entire experience something fun to look forward to. For example, the homepage has different sections/themes that you can play with, such as School or Food. With graphics designed for entertaining younger children, players can race to choose the correct vocabulary word, play with sentence structure, and substitute correct Spanish answers. This app accomplishes fun while combining vocabulary and reading comprehension, but slightly in less depth than Duolingo or Endless Spanish.

We hope that the next time your child wants to play online, you download one of these three apps for learning Spanish. Feel free to tell us on our Facebook page how you liked it, and share your experience!

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