Oct 23

Four Resources to Help Your Children Learn Spanish

Studies have shown that kids who are learning a second language perform better when they can regularly practice. But if you don’t know Spanish yourself, how are you supposed to help your child?

Even if the only Spanish word you know is ola, there are a number of ways to help boost and support your child’s second language learning. Here are just a few.

Gus on the Go

The Gus on the Goapp is an interactive Spanish app where kids get to follow Gus the owl as he travels around the globe. Children learn basic vocabulary food and animal words along with shapes and colors. The vocabulary games reinforce learning with its games and lesson reviews. It’s a fun, multi-sensory app that can used on any iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. Children are engaged with colorful animations and sounds. The Gus on the Go app also provides positive reinforcement with its winning trophies for achievements.


Kid’s Spanish

Another great app for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners is the Kid’s Spanishapp by Serendipity. It’s easy to navigate and provides dynamic activities to keep children entertained while they learn basic Spanish words. With fun characters and great sound effects, children don’t lose interest. This app provides learning in a sequential manner. When a picture is touched, the word is revealed and the word is spoken. Children learn a variety of Spanish words in categories, such as colors, shapes, animals and numbers.



Georgia Public Broadcasting’s SalsaTV show is a fun way for your kids to watch and listen to Spanish. Episodes like “The Pig Who Cried Bandit” and “Caperucita Roja (Little Red Riding Hood)” tell stories in Spanish that capture the imagination of children. These episodes use a live field production, colorful animation and charming puppets to engage children in learning.


123 Teach Me

There are many websites that can help your kids learn Spanish, but for a good start try 123Teachme.com. You’ll find a wealth of resources for kids learning Spanish, games, worksheets, videos, short stories and flash cards. As a matter of fact, 123 Teach Me contains over 12,000 pages of Spanish resources for learning and to appreciate the richness of the Spanish culture.


No matter whether your kids want to play with an app, watch a TV show or use a website, remember to keep things fun. There are many more resources available, but it’s important that you find one your children enjoy. They won’t even know they’re learning!