Feb 19

Taking Time for Family

Author: Dana Matthews

It is interesting how children put your life into perspective!

Growing up, both my parents worked and were also pursuing advance degrees. Needless to say they were busy! When I was 8 and my sister was 6 we had a favorite commercial. I still remember the chorus to the song:

“Take the time to give and care for kids sake.
Make the time to live and share for kids sake.
You’ll feel better when you see them grow,
Take the time to give and care for kids sake…”

One day my mom and dad were studying but my sister and I wanted to go to the zoo. But they were studying so hard! Five minutes later my sister started singing the “For Kids’ Sake” commercial to my mom, with emphasis on “you’ll feel better when you see them grow!” My mom turned to my sister and said “get your shoes—we’re going to the zoo!” Who knew that would work!

From then on, whenever we wanted to do something, we sang the “For Kids’ Sake” song. As children, we never understood why it worked.

For nostalgia’s sake, here’s the "For Kids’ Sake" public service announcement:

Fast forward 30 years...

Now I have a daughter age 6. My husband and I both work full time and I was pursuing my Master’s degree. (Interesting how things come full circle.) I was busy writing a paper but my daughter wanted to go skating. I politely said that I have to finish my paper. My daughter turned to me and said “Why are we so busy?” All of a sudden, I recalled the "For Kids’ Sake" song and how it made my family spend quality time together. I told my daughter to get her shoes on and that we were going skating—we had so much fun! And yes, my paper was still completed on time.

It was at that moment that I understood why the For Kids’ Sake song worked for my parents. It helped them (and me!) realize that the most important moments are spending quality time with your family. We learn so much from our children!