May 09

Easy Way to Create Chinese Fans for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and that means showing appreciation for all the love, loyalty, and support that mothers offer in our families. This year, instead of flowers (or, along with flowers), you and your child can create something beautifully original and handmade: traditional Chinese paper fans.

Here at Jump!, we prioritize all the mothers that we meet and want you to have the opportunity to create something special for her. And, since we prioritize and appreciate the cultural value of other countries, we highly suggest trying something new. To honor that, we have compiled a set of fun and easy instructions to create your own set of Chinese paper fans for Mother’s Day.

Let’s get started!


  1. One sheet of red construction paper
  2. One sheet of gold (shiny) paper
  3. Scissors (scissors with shaped blades optional)
  4. Elmer’s glue
  5. Gold ribbon

Step 1:

Cut around the top and bottom edges of the red construction paper to create a pattern (if using scissors with shaped blades). Extra tip: Paint patterns on the sheet first!

Step 2:

Cut two strips of gold paper and glue along the top and bottom edges of your piece of red construction paper.

Step 3:

Starting at one gold edge, start folding approximately one inch of paper in and out, like an accordion. Fold all the way up to the other side of the paper.

Step 4:

Fold the fan in half, and glue together

Step 5:

Pierce a hole through the fold at the end of the fan, and thread the piece of gold string through it. All done!

There you have it! This Mother’s Day, you won’t disappoint. For extra points, use fun supplies like glitter or stencils to create beautiful patterns like the fan shown above.

If you choose any (or all) of the projects we recommend, be sure to send us a picture and we’ll post it on our Facebook page!