Jun 11

Dental Health for Kids

Author: Bri Rodriguez-Cancio

As I was bemoaning the fact that my six-year-old did not brush her teeth well (i.e. thoroughly enough for my taste), a pediatric dentist that I know, Dr. Mouli Patel of Pediatric Dentistry of Union, shared some great advice with me.

She said to use this general guide:

If your child can tie her shoes, then she can brush her teeth alone.

More than a general correlation to age, Dr. Patel said that much of the manual dexterity in tying shoelaces also assists with all the angles needed to brush all sides of the teeth. Who knew?! That's your tip of the day!

Now, if you are looking for manual dexterity, our dedicated teachers at Jump! help pre-writers get ready to have proper pencil grip with scissor cutting and pincer work, to name but a few examples.

Come visit and see what our smart students can accomplish, as they "play!"

Let's Brush Our Teeth!

Pictured: Heather Miele, a dental hygienist from Tender Smiles 4 Kids taught Jump! students all about the mouth, its hinge, and proper brushing & flossing techniques.

Instead of peering into an actual mouth or using a small plastic mouth as a sample, several children volunteered to line up as "teeth" and Miss Heather showed how to brush (using a 4-foot tall inflatable toothbrush!) and floss (using a strip of cloth!).

Thank you Miss Heather for the fun and informative visit!