Nov 08

Chinese Foods To Try For Thanksgiving

Now that Thanksgiving is approaching, you might be looking for your new lineup. You have the classic turkey, potatoes, and stuffing, but why not try something new?

Here, we’ve compiled a list of our Top 3 delicious Chinese foods to try out this month!

[Photo: Shao Z., Chinese Hot Pot / Serious Eats]

#1  Peking Duck

Substitute your turkey for a Chinese favorite -- Peking-style duck! All you need is soy sauce, honey, and ginger to make the sauce. The rest is easy! If you’re interested, check out this recipe:
Peking Duck on»

#2  Xiao Long Bao

Instead of garlic bread, try making authentic Shanghai soup dumplings. The dumplings are filled with steaming broth. It’s best eaten with a Chinese soup spoon and a delicate hand as to not pierce the outside. Check out this recipe:
Shanghai Soup Dumpling on Epicurious»

#3  Hot Pot

We saved the best for last -- hot pot is a widespread Asian dining experience. A simmering pot of boiling water is placed at the center of the table with smaller dishes of thinly sliced raw meat, fish, and vegetables around it. With chopsticks, choose your meal and cook it in the hot pot until it’s fully browned. It’s fun, easy, and delicious! For more information, see this recipe:
Chinese Hot Pot on»

If you choose any (or all) of these three recipes, make sure to let us know by posting on our Facebook page.

Good luck!