Jul 25

Begin Preschool Spanish Lessons Early

Being bilingual improves kids' social abilities (see this previous post), and enriches their minds (see this previous post), so why not start them learning a language early?

This excerpt was taken from an article on the Cost of College Education website:

"... a preschool Spanish curriculum... is helpful because research has shown that if children learn a second language at a young age, it is easier for them to learn a third language later... Making the decision to register your children for a preschool that includes a focus on foreign language acquisition is a decision to give them a head start later in life."

Read the full article on Cost of College Education:
Begin Preschool Spanish Lessons When Children are Naturally Acquiring Language Skills»

Jump! Immersion School continues to see the multiple benefits of learning another language and want to ensure all children experience the benefits of multi-language fluency!