Sep 10

6 Ways the Jump! Method Teaches Children to be Fluent

The Jump! method helps your child learn to speak Spanish or Mandarin — naturally! From in-depth studies to singing and dancing, here are six ways Jump! makes learning a second (or third) language easy.

1. Tested Reading and Writing Methods

Jump! teaches the "target languages" (be it Spanish or Mandarin) to children in the same way they learn English — high frequency words or characters and memorization help them pick up a second language comfortably in the initial stages.

2. Music to the Ears

Children enjoy singing, and Jump! takes full advantage of that by taking vocabulary words and turning them into catchy songs that students can sing at home. Teachers additionally share songs from their homelands that preschoolers know and love.

3. Everything Happens in Spanish...and Mandarin

Jump! uses native speaking teachers so all conversations take place in the target language. From encouragement to verbal and visual cues, your child won't hear a word of English or "less than a handful of English words.”

4. Structure Means Everything

Children crave structure, which is why the Jump! program is very organized. Jump! kids always know exactly where they’re going to sit, what they’re going to do, and where they’re going next. This way they don’t need to pay attention to the little things, so they can focus on learning.

5. Go Ahead — Act Out

Another way Jump! teaches the Target Languages is dramatization -- acting out the story or lesson being taught. Children are told what to do in the Target Language and are encouraged to respond physically. Based on noted professor James Asher’s “Total Physical Response” method, dramatization works especially well for younger children.

6. Experience-based Learning

The Jump! program strongly believes in learning through experience — making art, cooking and more. We even stage plays to help our kids get over their fear of speaking the Target Language in public.

The Takeaway

If you're like most parents, a high-quality education for your kids is a top priority. Jump! delivers exactly that — in a fun and entertaining setting that sets the stage for academic excellence, at Jump! and afterwards.