Jun 30

4 Ways to Reinforce Spanish at Home -- Even When You Don't Speak It

Whether you speak Spanish or not, you can help your child learn Spanish at home. Here are a few examples of the ways in which you can easily improve your child's Spanish vocabulary.

Media and Entertainment

Many kids will watch television regardless of whether or not they understand. Use this to your advantage. Consider paying for a Spanish language cable station and buying age-appropriate Spanish language movies. Have your children watch a half an hour or more of Spanish language television every other day; your child may not understand what's being said at first, but will eventually begin to pick up on the basics.

Increase Exposure to Spanish Speaking Role-Models

Consider hiring a Spanish-speaking nanny, and ask the nanny to speak only Spanish. Your child will begin to pick up more on Spanish words and conversation styles if he or she can converse with someone who is fluent.

If you have no need for a nanny, seek out a babysitter who can watch your child when you're away. Not sure where to find a Spanish speaking nanny or sitter in your area? Find an agency in your area that can help you in your search, or try a service like SitterCity that allows you to look for help with specific qualifications, like age, experience and Spanish-speaking abilities.

Read Simple Books to Your Kids

You may not understand Spanish, but you likely have the ability to read simple Spanish language children's books. The simpler the book, the better. Books with pictures and few words will help your child make connections between the illustrations and the words being said. This is a good chance for you to pick up on some Spanish yourself!

Join a Bilingual Group

Seek out a mom group or play group with Spanish-speaking members, so that your child will gain exposure to adults and children who speak Spanish in a fun, happy environment. If you're wondering how to find a group, there are many resources on the Internet for moms seeking mom groups and play groups. MomMeetMom is one such example, but there are many websites online that are intended to help parents find play groups that fit their needs.

By providing the right tools to help your child learn, you’ll find their Spanish skills grow faster than you’d imagine.