Jan 15

10 Reasons To Teach Your Child Spanish (Part 1)

The Salta! Jump Into Spanish model is based on the fact that learning Spanish at an early age is an important factor in the development of a child. Salta's Spanish classes are designed to boost your child's confidence and improve their overall language skills.

So why teach Spanish to Kids? Here are our top 10 reasons:

1) Reading

Children who have been exposed to a foreign language early often learn to read faster and with greater ease because they are able to recognize the relationship between letters and their sounds without the help of visual objects. Exposure to a second language clearly benefits children’s reading abilities. (American Psychological Association May 1997)

2) Problem Solving

People who study a second language are shown to challenge themselves more and have increased problem solving skills.

3) Creativity

Learning a second language challenges children, resulting in better cognitive flexibility and creative thinking skills. (Therese Sullivan Caccavale, president of the National Network for Early Language Learning)

4) SAT Scores

So your child may not be ready to take the SAT quite yet, but children with bilingual skills outperform similar monolingual children on both verbal and non-verbal tests of intelligence and typically, have higher SAT or standardized test scores. (Department of Education, USA & ERIC Clearinghouse on Languages & Linguistics)

5) Cultural Understanding

Learning a new language opens up a child’s horizons and exposes them to a whole new culture. This level of understanding is important in developing new friendships and relationships. Plus, once a child learns a language, they have that skill for life.

Stay tuned...

We'll be continuing our list in Part 2 later this week. In meantime, you can learn more about the Jump Immersion academic approach here.