Congratulations on taking the first step in providing your child with the gift of language fluency!

According to research, the “window of opportunity” for easy language learning slowly closes as your child approaches 12 years old – children begin to feel self-conscious about speaking a second language at around this time. This is why it is important to start as early as possible. Infants to 12 years old are at their prime to learn languages.

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In this video, we'll walk you through our Fluency and Proficiency language tracks:

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Jump! Immersion School's vision and mission is:


Jump's VISION:

“A world where all children have the ability to globally communicate, relate and partner with each other to provide the necessary leadership to address, resolve and/or prevent global issues”


“To ensure children are linguistically, culturally and academically prepared to succeed in our global environment because together we are much stronger than apart.”


Jump! Immersion School programs are designed to provide language fluency and a strong academic foundation to ensure your child reaches their fullest global potential. Children are taught language arts, math, science, social studies, physical education and the arts. Each child graduates from our program academically prepared to meet and most likely exceed the expected educational standards in two languages but that is not what makes us truly unique.

Our teachers are passionate about education, diversity, cultural inclusion and dual language fluency. This passion drives our teachers and staff to go the extra mile to ensure your child is well prepared for the future. What differentiates our language immersion programs from others is our teaching philosophy and approach. Each child is an individual and learns in different ways. We at the Jump! Immersion School value each child’s individuality and cater to each child’s educational needs using our interactive learning approach.

Children are taught language arts, math, science, social studies, physical education and the arts in an immersion environment but that is not what makes us truly unique. Jump! Immersion School offers an all-inclusive environment full of warmth, creativity and eclectic flavor. Alongside Jump!’s call for language fluency, its twin mission is to foster caring for others and a respect for diversity.

In closing, we strive to help your child develop a positive self-image, a curiosity about the world around them, create positive social relationships and become culturally aware.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school and showing you the Jump! Immersion School advantage!

The Admissions Staff