History of Jump!

Some say "Necessity is the mother of invention." Salta! Jump into Spanish originated out of a personal need for its Founder, Jacqueline Sanin. She wanted her daughter to have opportunities that she herself did not have as a Cuban-American child growing up in Washington Heights, New York, when assimilation was the highest priority for immigrant families. She wanted her daughter to know the family culture and communicate with extended family.

We opened our doors with 38 students in its first semester as an enrichment program, in April 2003 in Metuchen, NJ. Enrollment rapidly picked up pace and we soon outgrew the modest space in Metuchen, moving to Oak Tree Presbyterian Church in neighboring Edison.

In 2010, we obtained our license to offer Preschool and Elementary school with extended hours for working families. The development of teaching immersion through the use of core subjects in math, science, social studies, language arts, PE and Art was a huge success and the school continued to grow. The focus of the school began to shift from “mere” language enrichment to an engaging, challenging, well-rounded curriculum.

Salta expanded to Livingston, NJ to accommodate the need of parents that were traveling from Essex County. We opened our doors with 30 students and now have a thriving school with over 100 Day School students from ages PreK 2.5 – 2nd grade.

In 2014, Salta added a new language track and change its name to Jump!

After much consideration, Salta has changed its name to Jump Immersion School to better reflect its well-rounded curriculum and its expansion into other languages. It is a name that is new and yet familiar. A name that both cultures can embrace—to jump, leap, soar.

Mandarin is a beautiful language with a very rich culture and history. It has offered a unique blend of tradition, culture, art and theater. We began with 7 children and have expanded to over 50 students in just 4 years.

In 2015, Jump expanded to Scotch Plains, NJ. We opened our doors with 7 students and now have a thriving school with approximately 55 students from ages PreK 2.5 – 2nd grade.

In 2018, Jump opened in Summit! We opened our doors in September and already have over 50 students enrolled in both Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

The little frog with eyeglasses, reminiscent of a tropical red-eyed tree frog, has been guiding hundreds of children 2-10 years old for over 15 years now. He is excited for our new adventure…